It Only Takes Minutes to Give Back to an MNPS Family in Need

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Is there a fifth grader who needs a new coat? An enterprising high-schooler who cannot afford an ACT study book? A pair of siblings who could use a warm blanket? Purposity connects these Metro Nashville Public Schools’ (MNPS) student and family needs to a community of energetic donors and educators, and then ultimately to the power of Amazon. You can join this community of giving, just in time for Nashville kids who could use your kindness for the holiday season. What started as a service that only used text notifications, now has an easy-to-use app that was launched last month.

How does it work?

First, download the free app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. The application will then instruct you to create an account with an email address and password. Next, chose your community—scroll down to find Nashville, TN. The dashboard will then show you how many requested needs are available to fill. Each request has a descriptive story and the related price clearly displayed. Click on the story that speaks to you and then click the green “meet this need button.” From there, you will be instructed on how to insert your payment and within minutes you can fulfill a necessity that will reach the family in a matter of days.

Blake Canturbery, the founder of Purposity, started the online community after hearing from friends that although they felt a call to give back, it was overwhelming to find a direction for their giving.

“This app is a place for people to know where to start to do good, to feel like they can make meaningful differences,” said Blake Canterbury, the founder of Purposity. “We’re excited where this could lead. It opens up so many possibilities. Every kid should have food on their table, clothes on their back. Purposity gives people a way to help solve huge, long-term issues simply by starting in their own communities.”

There’s no waste. It’s precise. And it takes minimum time with a maximum impact.

Nashville has already done so much with Purposity –and the app will give more people the chance to join the community of giving. At MNPS, Purposity works directly with the HERO Program for Families in Transition, which serves more than 3,000 students experiencing homelessness each year at MNPS. Since Purposity’s launch in February with the district, more than 150 families have been helped in their moment of need: the Nashville community has donated a grand total of 696 everyday items, totaling more than $19,000 in Purposity purchases so far.

“When we launched, weekly needs were consistently fulfilled each week with 15 minutes of users receiving the text,” said Catherine Knowles, the MNPS coordinator of the HERO program. “This momentum has carried on, but with the holidays, the needs are increasing again.”

The name Purposity comes from the words 'purpose + generosity,' and with the app, you do just that—find your purpose for the season and give generously without hesitation. Download the app here, and start giving back to the community in a second.

 Watch this video about Purposity.