#MNPSVoices: Julie Fulcher, Benefits Specialist


Julie Fulcher is no stranger to Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS.) She has faithfully served the district for more than twenty years.  Fulcher was first introduced to MNPS by her aunt and cousin who both worked in the district’s Human Resources Department. She was interested in the stories they shared about their day-to-day work, so Fulcher applied for a job in the same department and never looked back

“MNPS is like a family and it seemed like a good fit for me,” Fulcher said.

Fulcher started in 1998 with the human resources team where she continues to serve to this day, processing applications for certificated employees. While her responsibilities have changed slightly, her department has not. In her current benefits specialist role, she supports soon-to-be certificated retirees. 

“I believe my career has come full circle. When I started [in human resources] I welcomed new teachers who were happy to start their teaching careers,” Fulcher said. “Now I’m assisting retirees with everything from insurance to Medicare who are bringing their teaching careers to a close.”

Prior to coming to MNPS, Fulcher was undecided about which career path she would take so she chose a service industry profession. She worked in retail for nine years until she was introduced to MNPS. Fulcher believes her time in the retail industry gave her a greater appreciation for the work that she does today. It taught her key competencies that she continues to utilize years later in her everyday work at MNPS.

“Working in retail taught me patience as well as listening and communications skills,” Fulcher said.

Fulcher credits her mother with instilling a passion for serving others in her.

“My mom ran a daycare from her home for many years while I was growing up. She took care of a lot of educator’s children as well as mine,” Fulcher said. “She taught me how to show compassion to others and how to care for them.”

Fulcher is excited about the possibility of retirement in the future, but she has no immediate plans once she gets there. For now, she simply enjoys curling up reading a good book and watching sporting events with her husband and two boys.