#MNPSVoices: Shirley Davis, Distribution Center Office Manager

Shirley Davis, office manager at Metro Nashville Public Schools’ Distribution Center, has worked in the district for 31 years and is the first woman to ever work in the warehouse as a “warehouseman.” Davis says she enjoys her job and credits her longevity to good leadership and a strong team.

Davis, who is a five-year Air Force Veteran, came to MNPS with international warehouse experience from her military career in Portugal. Although her initial application with the district was for a school bus driver position, she quickly realized that was not her calling.


“I started to think later, I have no sense of direction and can barely drive a car,” Davis said with a laugh.

When the warehouse position became available she decided to change her job application. The manager at the time decided to give her a shot at the job.

“He told me he would give me a two-week tryout to see if I could do the work,” said Davis, who has come full circle in her MNPS career. “I started here at the Foster Creighton warehouse, then went to the Bransford location, then the Spence Lane warehouse, then to Metro Southeast, and now I am back where I started at Foster Creighton – and if everything goes well I want to exit stage left.”

She said that when retirement does come around, she plans to head back to her hometown of Byron, Georgia where she plans to settle down on her family’s 101-acre farm but, for now, she remains committed to ensuring her 30-member team has the right leadership in place before she decides to leave. Davis wants to see her nurturing attitude circulate throughout all of MNPS.

“I told management before I retire I need to find someone who has a sense of humor and doesn’t take everything so seriously,” she said. “I want to make sure my people are taken care of and my greatest hope is the district will always remember the little people.”