Statement from Dr. Joseph on Lead Reports

“Our goal as a school district is to ensure that our schools’ drinking water is safe. As a parent of two Metro Schools children and as the Director of Schools, the idea that a supervisor would discuss a workaround on our water fountains knowing that this is a huge concern for many families is upsetting and unacceptable. We place the health and safety of our students above all else. We are investigating and will follow up with our maintenance staff to ensure no water outlets have been modified. I have already reached out to the principal of West End MS, School Board Leadership, the PTO President, and the concerned parent who raised this concern to answer any questions and provide information. We will continue to proactively and voluntarily test for lead and monitor our drinking water in schools.”

- Dr. Shawn Joseph, Director of Schools

For the past two years, Metro Schools has been proactively working to make sure our drinking water is below the recommended guidelines set by the EPA. In addition to testing and remediation efforts, we also began a program to flush all pipes in our schools after long breaks to further reduce the level of lead in drinking water. Because there are no regulations for lead testing in schools, we have developed our testing program with guidance from local and state experts and a private testing contractor. 

We will continue to work with Metro Public Health, the Environmental Protection Agency, Metro Water, and the Tennessee Department of Environmental Conservation to use best practices and recommendations to provide the safest drinking water possible.

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