An Update on TNReady

Update: Friday, April 20

This week’s testing has held many challenges. Today’s online tests have gone well, with only isolated issues reported.

Many of you may have questions about what impact the problems all school systems have experienced this week will have on the use of test data.  The state is working through the details, including the impact of action from the State Legislature, and will be sharing information with school districts when available.  We will share that information with you.

Because we don’t yet know the final decisions, and because we still see value in having assessment data from our students, please encourage your children to continue to do their best when taking the remaining tests.


Update: Thursday, April 19

Metro high school students taking online tests have experienced interruptions in testing again today. We understand these interruptions have occurred across the state. Some students have been able to complete and successfully submit their test with no issues while others were unable to do so. We are in contact with the Tennessee Department of Education and are providing schools with instructions and information as we receive updates. We want to thank all of our students and staff for their patience and flexibility this week.


Update: Tuesday, April 17

The state has experienced problems with its online testing for the second day. We want to let our families know that our 3-8 grade testing will continue with paper tests. Those most impacted are high school students taking end of course exams and middle school students who are taking high school courses for credit. Some students have been able to access the tests today and those who have will continue testing.

The state is working on a solution and we will provide updates as we receive additional information.

For more information, you can check the state's social media platforms: