Statement On Water Quality at East Nashville Middle

Just after noon today, MNPS learned that a water sample from one of the water fountains at East Nashville Middle Magnet school reported a lead concentration of 18 parts per billion (ppb), which is above the MNPS action limit of 15 parts per billion (ppb).  (However, It should be noted that this is less than the recommended EPA action limit for lead of 20 ppb for schools.)  After receiving this report, our facilities and plant maintenance personnel immediately went to the water fixture at this school. It is located in a portion of the building that is not used by students, but is near four staff members’ offices. Technicians arrived and re-sampled the water fountain before our plumbers disconnected the fountain as well as a second water fountain on the same floor. Both fixtures are believed to have not been used for some time due to their location and the reported concentrations.  When water remains idle in a pipe for an extended time, it may absorb metals from the pipe. For that reason, MNPS elected to disconnect both fixtures. The district tested all fixtures at the building last summer and all were below EPA action levels. 

The safety of our students, faculty and staff is our greatest concern. Because of this, we continue to perform aggressive sampling programs at all schools, and have implemented a flushing program that involves flushing taps after long breaks to help ensure the water does not remain idle for long periods of time.  

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Update: May 8, 2018

Below Here is a statement from our third party water quality company, EnSafe, about flushing.