Metro Schools Statement on Voting in Schools on May 24

Because MNPS is supported by public tax dollars, the District is required by law to provide open and accessible polling locations (Tennessee Code Annotated 2-3-107). This law can only be changed by the State legislature.  Recognizing parent concerns about safety, MNPS sought approval from the Commissioner of Education to close schools May 24.  This request was denied.

To minimize the election’s impact, wherever possible voters will be directed to enter and exit schools through a dedicated outside entrance.  If you have concerns at your schools, please contact your principal or the MNPS info line at 615-259-INFO.

If you have questions about polling places, please contact the election commission.

For concerns about election law, please contact your elected official.

Election Commission Statement on Voting in Schools:

With school safety being in the news, we have heard from a number of parents concerning school being in session on Election Day. While schools have been a traditional polling location in Nashville for decades, we recognize there is a changing school environment and concern for student safety and have been working with MNPS to develop solutions. We ask that you also reach out to your local elected officials to let them know your concerns. Your voice will help shape the discussion as solutions are developed.

Tennessee Code Annotated 2-3-107 gives the Election Commission the right to designate as polling places any building or grounds supported by taxation under the laws of this state. The code stipulates the use of public schools and other public buildings for polling places on Election Day and during the early voting period.