Five ways to help your student get to school every day

Attendance Matters – for all students, in every school.

Excellence; success; opportunity. These are all things we want for every single student in Nashville’s public schools.

attendance matters-kids walking

But we can’t help our students achieve these three things if they aren’t in school. When students miss school, they miss out. Student who are in school consistently learn more,  achieve higher and are more likely to graduate high school ready for their next step – and we want to help our families and students get to school every day.

Here are five ideas to encourage your children and motivate them to have great attendance:

1.      Setup for success the night before. Lay out clothes, turn off technology, pack your bags and do whatever else you can at night to prep for an easier morning.

2.      Rhythm and routines. Help your child maintain a morning routine that gets him or her out of the door on time.

3.      Plan family vacations during school breaks. Check the district calendar for our district’s breaks.  And try to do the same with doctor’s appointments, too!

4.      Lead the way. Show your student how important attendance is and how school is setting a foundation for a future job.

5.      Work with your school. Your school has many services that can help your family encourage good attendance. Reach out to your principal, school counselor or teacher to learn more.

Together, we can show all of our students: Attendance Matters.