Eakin celebrates African-American contributions through live Black History Wax Museum

Black History Month provides an opportunity to highlight the amazing contributions of the African-American community and connect it to intentional learning about that history. Students at Eakin Elementary School recently hosted their 3rd annual Black History Live Wax Museum event selecting notable Black figures to celebrate and share with others what they learned.

“The wax museum was part of the summative assessment for the International Baccalaureate unit, ‘How We Express Ourselves,’” said Eakin Principal Eric Hartfelder. “The students spent weeks researching influential African-Americans, reading their biographies, and creating a presentation. At the live wax museum, the entire school was invited to tour and learn from the second graders on how their individual changed society.”

Among the influential African-Americans portrayed by students included a mixture of inventors, sports heroes, activists, and scientists such as Arthur Ashe, Harriet Tubman, Muhammad Ali, Mae Jemison and Benjamin Banneker, to name a few. Students demonstrated their public speaking skills as they presented their research in classrooms with family and friends. Other Eakin Eagles were able to learn more during the live museum presentation held in the school’s auditorium.

“This has been really exciting,” said Jill Rudisill, second grade teacher at Eakin. “We got to see the kids investigate on their own and research and become experts. I think they grew in confidence as readers and writers and felt really proud of the information they learned.”