This week’s #MNPSMVP is Huong Trinh – Glencliff High School

Huong Trinh, a junior at Glencliff High School, never considered herself an athlete and was far from a sports fan. At the time, she was an average eighth grader hanging with her friends getting prepared for high school. However, when Trinh decided to attend her brother’s tennis match, her interest in sports changed.  While watching the match she grew eager to learn more about tennis.

“I saw that my brother enjoyed playing tennis and when I told him I was interested in playing he was excited for me to begin,” Trinh said. “I also befriended my brother’s teammates and asked them questions about tennis. When they noticed how interested I was in playing tennis, they encouraged me to join the team once I started attending Glencliff High School.”

Huong Article Pic.png

Tennis season is already underway and Trinh has been hitting the courts with her teammates for practice and matches. She has played on the girl’s tennis team for three years and was selected as captain by her peers. As captain, she has welcomed 10 newcomers to the girl’s tennis team. She has shown her teammates how to hold a tennis racket, serve the tennis ball and provide techniques to stay mentality focused for each match.

“One thing that I share with my teammates is you cannot let your mind get the best of you,” Trinh said. “Whether you play good or bad during the tennis match, continue to say mentality focused. Being mentality balanced is important in winning tennis.”

Trinh plays both single and double tennis matches for the Colts. She was also voted All-District for girl’s tennis during her freshman and sophomore year, and is looking forward to what this tennis season will bring.

“Huong is an amazing individual who is great in tennis and continues to challenge herself to get better,” said Coach Casey Ayers, Glencliff High School girl’s tennis coach. “Huong has grown to be a top-notch player and is a true leader for her peers. Her competitive edge, self-drive and determination is displayed during each match.”

Trinh’s competitiveness shows up in her academics as well. She is ranked second in her junior class and holds a 4.2 grade point average. She also takes three advanced placement courses and an animal science dual credit course. She serves as a high school ambassador, is a member of the Beta Club and House of Representatives, which works closely with Glencliff’s Student Government Association to plan school events.