The Decision to Close New Vision Academy

Metro Nashville Public Schools will be assisting families of students enrolled at New Vision Academy, a local charter school, with new school selection and enrollment following New Vision’s announcement that it will permanently close at the start of its spring break, March 8. 

New Vision Academy has been offering charter-school education in Nashville for nine years, most recently in the education building of Olive Branch Baptist Church at 938 Havenhill Drive. The MNPS Office of Charter Schools, which provides support and oversight to charter schools on behalf of the district, has been working closely with New Vision Academy over the past 18 months to resolve a series of concerns, including: 

  • Special education programs 

  • English language programs

  • Finances

  • Americans with Disabilities Act compliance

  • Safety concerns related to building capacity

Over recent months, the Office of Charter Schools has issued several corrective action plans to New Vision. It has also sent letters of deficiency and letters of concern, and the office has noted when New Vision has been in violation of its contract with MNPS.

The Office of Charter Schools has had a singular focus throughout: The well-being and educational success of the 158 students, about half of whom are from non-English-speaking families.

This week, the Office of Charter Schools consulted with its counterparts in Metro Legal, the Metro Fire Marshal’s Office and the state Fire Marshal’s Office over the latest concerns at New Vision: Too many children in the facility. Classrooms that could safely hold eight students had as many as 20. Those safety concerns were the primary reason for the school’s decision to close.

Throughout the past year and a half, the Office of Charter Schools has balanced its work with the need to offer constructive oversight and due process to the school’s administrators.

The district is committed to working with these students and families who will need to find a new school. Students will need to be enrolled and report to their new school when classes resume March 18.

New Vision Academy Parent Letter