#MNPSVoices-Cecile Hill, Nutrition Services Department

MNPS Nutrition Services has been lucky enough to have Cecile Hill in their department for 24 years. Her service began in 1996 on a part-time basis performing on-site reviews. The following year she was asked to help out temporally in the department’s office, and her work was so exemplary that she was asked to stay.


Hill is the first point of contact for anyone who needs support from the department. Among the important roles she plays is helping substitute cafeteria workers get to schools to assist when cafeteria staff are out.

She is not new to offering solutions to problems. Before joining MNPS, her first career with AT&T was to prevent pay-phone tampering before the mobile phone revolution. Hill admits she is thankful for the digital age and how it has made her current role easier.

Nutrition Services Assistant Director Dr. Braina Corke said she is grateful for Hill’s many years of service.

“Mrs. Hill is an asset, and her ability to assist the community and our employees with their needs is priceless,” Corke said. “She is one that will go above and beyond the call of duty to help others and if she does not know the answer, she will find someone who does and share the information. Her wisdom, knowledge and calm demeanor promotes a great office environment. We are grateful to have Mrs. Hill on our team.”

Whenever the opportunity presents itself she looks forward to spending a lot more time outdoors and with her family.

“I have enjoyed my time at MNPS. It has been good and valuable experience,” Hill said.