This week’s #MNPSMVP is Cortlyn Garner – Antioch Middle School

mvp may 10.JPG

Cortlyn Garner promised herself that eighth grade would be the one she participated in more extracurricular activities at Antioch Middle School. As soon as Garner committed to her decision, a friend invited her to tryout for cheerleading. It was one of the best decisions she made.

“I am so glad that I made the cheerleading squad,” Garner said. “I have made new friends. I have become more outgoing and enhanced my leadership skills as a person and a student. I look forward to possibly joining the cheerleading team in high school.”

Garner cheers for the school’s football and basketball teams. In her first year, Garner had to learn quite a bit to keep up with the veteran cheerleaders. With team and individual practice, she prepared for the first opportunity to call a cheer during a game.

“It was my first time calling out a cheer and I was nervous,” she said. “Once the cheer was over, I felt as if I could do it again. It wasn’t so bad after all.”

In keeping with her promise Garner has continued to participate in extracurricular activities, including as an active member of the yearbook staff and the arts club. Her academics remain a priority as she remains on the A/B Honor roll, and has enrolled in her Advanced Placement courses for high school in the fall.

“Cortlyn was a joy to have on the cheerleading squad. Even though it was her first year, she displayed wonderful leadership, commitment and dedication,” said Rayshondria King, coach of Antioch Middle School’s cheerleading team. “I look forward to hearing about her success in the future.”