MNPS Celebrates the Great Work of Students, Staff 

TNReady Scores Move District into Satisfactory Status & 37 Schools are on the Reward List


The Metro Nashville Public Schools district is in line with statewide 2018-19 performance measures, moving into Satisfactory status in the latest round of TNReady test scores.

MNPS saw a net increase of 15 schools to the Reward list, which now stands at 37.

“We are encouraged by the progress, and we celebrate the great work of our students, teachers, administrators and staff. Collectively, we are eager to keep making progress as a district,” said Dr. Adrienne Battle, MNPS Interim Director of Schools.

“Here is what I told our principals and staff over the summer: Know where you are, but don’t stay there.

“Students are at the center of everything the district does, and we will use the data to improve our practices and instruction,” Battle continued. “We will make progress by building on our strengths.”

In 2018, MNPS stood at a 1 on the state’s five-point scale. The latest test results move MNPS from the Needs Improvement category to a 3 – or Satisfactory.

The Tennessee Department of Education has shared preliminary TNReady testing results with the district, but MNPS staff will begin studying the results in depth today now that the DOE has released complete data for the district’s analysts to review.

Top MNPS takeaways from the preliminary data release:

  • MNPS is in Satisfactory status based upon the district’s overall 2018-19 accountability data

  • The district’s academic growth across all grades and subjects was equal to the statewide average, yielding an overall composite of 3 on the TVASS 1-5 scale

  • MNPS students made academic growth exceeding the state for Literacy and Numeracy, resulting in TVAAS composite scores of 4 and 5, respectively

  • The percent of MNPS students scoring On Track or Mastered for English/Language Arts increased for grade spans 3-5 and 9-12 but declined for grades 6-8

  • District TNReady scores for Mathematics improved for each of the three grade spans (3-5, 6-8 and 9-12)

  • Small test score increases were seen in Social Studies for grades 6-8 and for U.S. History in grades 9-12

  • Chronic absenteeism and English language proficiency improved overall and for all disadvantaged subgroups

  • 37 MNPS schools achieved Reward School status based upon 2018-19 student data. This designation means there is improvement in overall student academic achievement and growth for all student groups.

  • Eight schools that were on last year’s Reward list are not on the latest one.

  • Ninety-six schools have no status assigned – meaning they are moving along fine, just not at the very highest or lowest levels

  • The number of MNPS schools on Priority and/or Comprehensive Support status - 23 - remains unchanged.

  • There is a new category this year – Targeted Support and Improvement Schools. This category is for schools that had one or more groups of students who were in the bottom 5% in the state for one or more of the areas measured. This identification raises a flag to take a closer look at these groups and where we need to improve. It looks at their performance for just one year. MNPS has 13 schools in this category.

  • The number of Additional Targeted Support and Improvement Schools is nine.

  • MNPS expects to see details today on Targeted Support, Additional Targeted Support and Comprehensive Support. In the coming weeks, data analysts will work with principals to understand their school’s results.

Download a presentation made Tuesday, August 13 to the Metro Nashville School Board.

Reward Schools for 2018-19 School Year

Congratulations to the teachers, staff and families of Metro Nashville’s 37 Reward Schools; 22 of which are new to the list this year.

  • Andrew Jackson Elementary 

  • Cane Ridge Elementary - new 

  • Crieve Hall Elementary 

  • Dan Mills Elementary 

  • Eakin Elementary 

  • Gateway Elementary — new 

  • Glendale Elementary 

  • Gower Elementary 

  • Granbery Elementary — new 

  • Harpeth Valley Elementary — new 

  • Meigs Middle 

  • Hume-Fogg High 

  • Lakeview Elementary — new 

  • Lockeland Elementary 

  • Middle College High — new 

  • Martin Luther King Jr. 

  • Napier Elementary — new 

  • Nashville School of the Arts — new 

  • Norman Binkley Elementary — new 

  • Pennington Elementary — new 

  • Percy Priest Elementary — new 

  • Ruby Major Elementary — new 

  • May Werthan Shayne Elementary — new 

  • Shwab Elementary  

  • Stanford Elementary — new 

  • Sylvan Park Elementary — new 

  • Tusculum Elementary — new 

  • Westmeade Elementary — new 

  • Smith Springs Elementary — new 

  • KIPP Academy Nashville 

  • Liberty Collegiate Academy — new 

  • KIPP Nashville College Prep —   new 

  • Nashville Classical — new 

  • Valor Flagship Academy 

  • Rocketship Nashville Northeast Elementary — new 

  • Valor Voyager Academy 

  • KIPP Academy Nashville Elementary School — new 


Targeted Support and Improvement (Focus) - 1 year of data, 1-year status: Overall subgroup report card score for one or more subgroups is in the bottom 5% statewide. (Note: This is a new category.)

Additional Targeted Support and Improvement (Focus) - 3 years of data (2017, 2018, 2019), 2-year status (will be a 3-year status in the future): ATSI schools are TSI schools whose student group success rates are less than or equal to the maximum success rate of any Priority school in their pool and do not have a score of A or B for each report card indicator. (*Note: ATSI determination in 2019 used different criteria than were used in 2018.)

Priority and Comprehensive Support and Intervention - 3 years of data, 3-year status (identified in 2018): School has a very low success rate and a TVAAS Composite below 4 in either of the past two years.

Reward - 1 year of data, 1-year status. School has an overall weighted average score of 3.1 or above and is not identified as a Focus (TSI or ATSI) school.