Metro Schools is Hiring Bus Drivers

Apply now to drive Nashville’s Future.

The district has 630 buses that make more than 26,000 stops on any given school day – all driven by dedicated, professional school bus drivers.  

Jeff Houghton, exceptional education school bus driver

Jeff Houghton, exceptional education school bus driver

MNPS’ bus drivers are often the first and last interaction our students have with our staff during the school day. Drivers have the opportunity to make huge difference in a student’s experience with the district.  

“We have some drivers who have been with us 30 plus years,” said Azariah Anderson, an MNPS transportation representative. “If you have a love for kids this is one of the most rewarding jobs that you can do—and that is why people stay.”

This year, the school district seeks to hire 50 to 75 more drivers to join Team MNPS. 

Nearly 50% of our current bus drivers have more than 10 years of services to Nashville’s students and schools – many would say the reason they stay is because of their love of children. 

“We can have a positive impact on future generations,” said Jeff Houghton, who has been an exceptional education school bus driver for six years, and who left the private sector to drive for MNPS. “My hope is that I can be a positive influence for them.” 

Another benefit? The family-like nature of the job. 

“I love my job because I am surrounded by good people,” exceptional education bus monitor Michael Jones said, “We are an MNPS family.”  

The schedule is great for parents and anyone who needs – or wants – evenings and midday hours free. Drivers can balance work with family or other jobs and commitments.  

Sherry Mabry, who is now the coordinator of safety and training in the transportation department, started in 1995 as an MNPS bus driver for that very reason. 

“I started when my son went to kindergarten,” Mabry said. “It was perfect. When schools were closed, I was home with him and could take field trips with him in the middle of the day.” (Read Mabry’s story and watch a video on the page.) 

Fast Facts

I want to drive Nashville’s future – tell me more:  

  • MNPS is one of the largest employers in Nashville. That means good pay, schedule and benefits. 

  • Benefits include a staff wellness/fitness center, retirement at 80% employer/20% employee and access to Vanderbilt Medical Center health clinic. 

  • Our drivers are guaranteed eight hours of pay per day regardless of how long it takes them to complete their runs either morning or afternoon. Anything above that is classified as overtime. 

  • There is no limit to how much overtime a driver can get through field trips or nights and weekends – so pay can be maximized. Field trips are available in between morning and afternoon routes. 

  • Drivers are paid for two weeks of winter break and for some other holidays that students receive.  

  • Work over the summer months – or take them off! Employees do get summers off, but can opt-in to receive 12-month pay, or pick up summer employment. 

I don’t have my permit – what should I do?  

  • Even if you have not driven professionally before, MNPS offers paid training for candidates to obtain their permit. You don‘t have to pay for any additional training.   

  • The department has support staff to answer questions and help drivers to feel encouraged and confident.  

Bus drivers are invaluable members of our staff and a crucial hiring need. Does this sound like something you or someone you know would be interested in?  

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