Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos visits MNPS for Future Engineer program launch

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos made a surprise appearance at Madison Middle School during the kickoff of the Amazon Future Engineer program, a partnership to bring computer science courses and robotics to 24 Nashville schools.  

“I want to encourage all of you guys to think of yourselves as inventors. The future is about invention. We get to make the world a little bit better at a time….if you have an education in engineering and science and math and robotics and computer science you will be well positioned to invent that future,’’ Bezos told the students.

“I know that every single one of you has an incredible mind and with the right resources and tools you are going to put that mind to use. You’re going to invent the future and it’s going to be incredible.”  

Amazon, which is opening an eastern U.S. hub for retail operations in Nashville, will provide 21 elementary, middle and high schools with robotics programming; funding to launch FIRST robotics clubs, teacher professional development and offer $10,000 to expand access to computer science education at each school.

The funding will support field trips, and hardware and technology upgrades. Additionally, Amazon plans to fund Intro and AP computer science courses in three Metro Nashville high schools and more than 45 total high schools across the state of Tennessee.

During the event, attended by Nashville public school students, teachers and elected officials, Dr. Adrienne Battle, MNPS interim director of schools said:  “We don’t do our work alone. We do it with our teachers. Our parents. Our partners.

“As to Amazon and the Future Engineer program – one of our newest partners – we are so pleased that they are bringing technological and organizational prowess to Metro Nashville Public Schools. 

“While we may not operate on the scale of Amazon, we clearly believe in innovation, too. We believe in finding new ways to get things done. We believe in finding new way to work together.  I know we have a lot to learn from Amazon, and I firmly believe that as this partnership goes forward, Amazon might even learn a few things from our awesome students in Nashville.”

Dr. Jennifer Berry, MNPS STEAM/Science director added: “We want to make sure our students grow in language arts, math, social studies and other subjects so they can build critical thinking skills. We have enterprising students and this robotics program is going to be spectacular to witness and watch our graduates turn into future engineers.”

Metro Nashville Public Schools participating in Amazon Future Engineer program:

Robotics Elementary Schools

  • Inglewood

  • Rosebank

  • Whitsitt

Robotics Middle Schools

  • Antioch MS

  • Bellevue

  • Croft

  • DuPont Hadley

  • Haynes

  • Head

  • JT Moore

  • Litton

  • Madison

  • McKissack

  • McMurray

  • Rose Park

  • Stratford

Robotics High Schools

  • Stratford

  • Whites Creek

  • McGavock

  • Hunters Lane

  • Maplewood

Computer Science High Schools

  • Overton

  • MLK Magnet

  • Hillsboro

For more information

Visit the Amazon Future Engineer site.