This week’s MNPS MVP Janiah Keesee – East Nashville Middle School

Janiah Keesee has been an Eagle for her seven years in Metro Schools – from her time as a Bellshire Elementary Eagle to her current East Nashville Middle School Eagle. Keesee continues to soar and take her volleyball team to victory.


“If the volleyball team continues to work hard together, play hard together and succeed on the court and in the classroom; we will for sure have a successful season,” Keesee said.

Keesee has been around the game of volleyball since she was a little girl because her mother was the volleyball coach at the former Brick Church Middle School and Keesee would attend every game. Being at games provided her with the opportunity to learn positions and volleyball techniques that would eventually assist her in future games.

Keesee has played for the East Nashville Middle for two years and in that time, she has played passer and right front setter positions.

“My position comes with a big responsibility,” she said. “I do not want to let my team or myself down. I want to make sure I am mentality and physically ready.”

The East Nashville Eagles are currently 5-1 and looking forward to continuing their winning season. Keesee is also making sure she wins in the classroom. The s6th grader is maintaining As and Bs in her honors courses and is a member of the school’s first Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Keesee is also taking Spanish I for high school credit and, in her spare time, volunteers at East Park Community Center, teaching aspiring volleyball players the rules and regulations of the game.

“There are a lot of kids who come out and want to learn how to play volleyball,” Keesee said. “I enjoy teaching and playing games with the kids at the center. They remind me how I was when I first started to learning how to play.”

“Janiah is a phenomenal young lady,” said Joslyn Jordan, East Nashville Middle coach. “She is a natural leader. I am pleased to be her coach. Janiah is an impeccable student-athlete with an emphasis on ‘student,’ on- and off-the-court.”