Academic Magnet Pathway Qualifications

Families applying through the school choice process to attend magnet schools with academic entrance requirements will be notified in the coming weeks of whether their children meet the entrance requirements.
Since the State Department of Education canceled the TNReady assessments for middle school students during the 2015-16 school year, many students are missing a standardized assessment to determine eligibility for these magnet. In place of the previous standardized test requirements, the district has decided to use a combination of different criteria to determine eligibility. A complete list of how students can qualify have been posted on
Right now, the district is using those methods to determine which students qualify for the schools with academic entrance requirements. Once all students have been identified, the district will mail letters to qualifying families. 
This also applies to students in the pathways for schools with academic entrance requirements. Pathway continuation letters will be sent home at the same time, allowing families to accept their seats into the designated pathway schools. 
This process does not affect any student’s eligibility or opportunity to apply for an academic pathway. Families can still use the Optional Schools application deadline and will not miss the deadline of Friday, January 13.  
For questions about magnet school qualifications or school choice, families can contact the Metro Schools Family Information Center at (615) 259-4636.