Fact Checking

The Communications Department will begin sending a series of "Fact Checks" to our staff and community as we see a need address any rumors or inquiries that may impact our ability to stay focused on our mission to improve our school district.  

In this initial "fact check", we will share information related to our transportation fleet and executive salaries. We hope that this service gives you accurate information. Please email communications@mnps.org if you'd like to share a comment or ask a question.  

As you will see below, our team is making strategic investments in leadership, staff and leadership development and culture change that will prime the district for implementation of our new strategic plan. As with all things, our number one priority in spending is to better serve the children and families of Metro Schools. We stand behind these investments as supporting that objective.

-- Your Friendly Metro Schools Communications Team

Talent is what will move the needle on education in Nashville. As an educational organization, our people are our greatest asset. We must invest in them in order to make positive change for our students.

Overall, Metro Schools must be competitive in salaries and benefits. To that end, the salaries offered to members of our executive leadership team are in line with and often below what is offered in comparable urban districts (see a sampling of comparison cities below).

Dr. Joseph has made investing in leadership a theme of his administration, including attracting, developing and retaining talent. That work goes well beyond salaries and also encompasses professional learning and internal organizational work that will bring positive change to our system’s culture. It begins with senior leadership and is designed to improve services to and opportunities for our children and families.

We hope this line of inquiry contributes to the citywide conversation about what we as a city want to invest in for our public schools. Our belief is that talent must be one of the top investments. That is why we recently approved a significant pay increase for teachers and bus drivers. It is also why one of the central focuses of Dr. Joseph’s transition team is looking at human resources and what we can do to recruit, retain and develop the very best talent to serve our children.

In looking to hire the best executive team possible, Dr. Joseph sought to bring people to Nashville who have the experience and knowledge necessary to make major improvements to our educational system. That includes many people with whom he is familiar and whose work he knows and trusts.

On the topic of benefits, each member of ELT, which is made up of the staff members listed below, is provided with a vehicle that can be used as needed, including as a take-home vehicle for those who choose to use it that way. This is a standard practice, as these staff members are considered to be on-call 24 hours a day. In addition, they spend a significant amount of time traveling around our district, which covers more than 500 square miles and 168 schools. Many in the previous executive leadership team under Dr. Jesse Register also had access to take-home and as-needed vehicles.

This is a listing of those vehicles and their histories:

  •  Dr. Shawn Joseph
    • 2016 Chevy Tahoe purchased June 2, 2016
    • This vehicle was purchased for use by Dr. Joseph, as stipulated in his contract developed by the Board.
  • Dr. Sito Narcisse
    • 2014 Chevy Tahoe reassigned from the Transportation Department
    • This vehicle was previously used by a member of the Transportation staff who transferred to another department and no longer needs a vehicle.
  •  Dr. Monique Felder
    • 2014 Chevy Tahoe reassigned from the Operations Department
    • This vehicle was used by the previous Chief Operating Officer Fred Carr.
  • Chris Henson
    • 2013 Ford Edge previously used by former Director of Schools Dr. Jesse Register
    • Mr. Henson used this vehicle during the year he served as Interim Director of Schools, and he retained it when named Chief Operating Officer.
  • Dr. Jana Carlisle
    • 2016 Chrysler 200 reassigned from the motor pool.
    • This vehicle was purchased as part of a fleet upgrade and expansion. Dr. Carlisle does not plan to use it as a take-home vehicle.

The current roster of ELT vehicles is five. The previous ELT under Dr. Jesse Register had access to four vehicles. These vehicles are part of an overall district fleet of around 300 vehicles used across departments for staff who travel frequently between schools for visits, deliveries, maintenance, security, transportation, food service and other vital needs.

All staff members with access to a district vehicle – including members of ELT – must abide by the vehicle use policy and sign the standard agreement for driving an MNPS vehicle. 

Salary Comparison with Peer Districts

  • Austin Independent School District – 84,000 students
    • Superintendent - $286,000
    • CFO - $235,000
    • Chief of Staff - $209,070
    • CAO - $183,855
    • COO - $183,855
    • Chief Human Capital Officer - $183,855
    • Chief Schools Officer - $180,250
  • Baltimore City Public Schools – 84,000
    • Superintendent - $298,000
    • Chief of Staff - $178,500
    • Interim Chief Human Capital Officer - $165,000
    • Chief Legal Officer - $199,050 (as of 2014)
    • Chief Financial Officer - $159,965 (as of 2014)
    • Chief Operating Officer - $179,536 (as of 2014)
    • Chief Technology Officer - $176,340 (as of 2014)
  • Charlotte-Mecklenberg Public Schools – 144,000 students (regional comparison)
    • Superintendent - $262,000
    • Chief Financial Officer - $180,500
    • Chief of Staff - $130,500
    • Chief Academic Officer - $160,500
    • Chief Accountability Officer - $160,500
    • Chief Operating Officer - $170,000
    • Chief Communications Officer - $160,500
    • Chief Technology, Personalization and Engagement Officer - $160,500
    • Chief Human Capital Officer - $160,000
    • Chief School Performance Services Officer - $160,00 0