MNPS Safety & Security Measures

MNPS considers the safety of students our first priority. Our security team is vigilant in its communication with schools, administration and MNPD. Each school has its exterior doors locked at all times. To enter the school, visitors must enter through a security buzzer equipped with a camera in to the front office during school hours.

Security measures definitions:

Lockout: Is when there is a threat in the area that is not school specific but could affect the school in which no one is allowed to transition in or out of the building.  In these situations, the Metro Nashville Police Department in partnership with MNPS’s School Security Department, maintain ongoing communication regarding the nature of the incident. 

Lockdown: This is when there is a threat of any nature that requires that all classrooms and exterior doors remain locked and no student movement as the school implements its crisis response plan.

Shelter in place: This is a weather-related response in which students are kept inside the school in safe areas of the building when there is a risk of inclement weather.  Student will remain in their shelter in place locations until the danger has passed. 

This information may be referenced for any parents who may have questions or concerns.

If you should receive any media inquiries regarding our district's safety and security efforts, please direct them to: 

Dawn Rutledge
Director of External Communications
(615) 259-8476