Board Policies

District policies and procedures are currently being reviewed and revised.  If you are looking for a policy that is not currently posted, please email

The MNPS Board is in the process of updating its polices to better reflect the direction of the district. This is a lengthy process that has allowed for expert guidance from our partners at the Tennessee Schools Boards Association, internal guidance from MNPS staff, and public input both in person and online. During this transition there may be some overlap in terms of what is covered in the policies. In these cases, the policies most recently approved (Board Operations, December 12, 2017; and Fiscal Management, January 23, 2017) shall supersede previously adopted policies.

Until the policy revision process is completed it will be necessary to look diligently at both sets of policies in order to assure that the most current version is referenced. The process for policy revision is scheduled to be completed during the summer of 2018.

Section 1 - Board Operations


SECTION 3 - Support services

SECTION 5 - personnel