Budget 2020

board of education approves

fy2019-20 budget

Total Proposed Operating Budget | $914.5 million

  • Increase over FY2018-19 | $28.2 million

  • Increase over FY2018-19 | 3.2%

Update: July 1, 2019: The Metro School Board unanimously approved the 2019-2020 budget that includes a 3% raise for teachers and support staff. An additional 3% raise is expected to take effect in January 2020.

Metro Nashville Public Schools educates more than 85,000 students, and with 11,000 people on staff, is among the largest employers in the region. The 2018-19 budget year was especially challenging for MNPS, after enduring $15 million in required budget cuts. 

On April 9, the Metro Nashville Board of Public Education passed a budget proposal that it believed was critical to serving the district’s students and staff. It includes funding to:

  • attract and retain a talented staff of educators,

  • keep the curriculum up to date, and

  • preserve its successful pre-Kindergarten program as its federal funding is expiring.

Top 5 investments - Additional Funds for FY2019-20

1. employee compensation | $15.1 million + an additional $7.5 million

For FY19-2020, $15.1 million is available for teachers and support staff salary increases and in January 2020, an additional $7.5 million will be available. This increase is critical to helping staff keep up with the ever-rising costs of living in Nashville.

2. TEXTBOOKS | Additional $1.71 MILLION

Students deserve access to relevant learning materials. This additional investment will help keep MNPS curriculum up-to-date. This budget focuses on science kits, plus history and social studies texts.


MNPS is joining Metro government in modernizing its human resources and finance systems. The school system expects to bring the new Oracle R12 system online in July 2019 and the Oracle Taleo talent management system in October. These systems will streamline HR work and speed the recruitment and hiring of MNPS staff, a critical need of the district.


These dollars will fund specialists trained to address trauma and family needs, as well as staffing for 12 Care Centers at elementary schools with the highest absence rates and behavior challenges. The care centers will provide school-based alternatives to suspension.


This highly successful program, which sets up Nashville’s youngest students for academic success, is currently funded by a federal grant sunsetting in December 2019. The district has planned for this day, however, and this year’s budget proposal reflects the need to sustain the excellent work of its Pre-K staff and their deserving students.

A Look at the District

MNPS has 85,897 students: 29% white, 42% black, 25% hispanic and 4% asian. Seventy-two percent of students live at some level of poverty. The district has 167 schools and 187 pre-K classrooms. The district has 630 school busses which make over 31,000 stops a day. There are more than 11,000 MNPS employees, making it one of the largest employers in Nashville and Tennessee.