Bus Routes and Transportation Issues

UPDATE: AUGUST 15, 2016 8:45 A.M.

The transportation team and student enrollment teams are on track to meet the plan outlined in Friday's transportation update below. As part of this process, we ask that you please let us know of any continuing transportation issues you have.

The number of calls received by our Family Information Center has continued to decline, and more calls are being answered without any wait time. Most importantly, the percentage of calls related to transportation has returned to almost normal levels. Principals are also reporting much better bus service.

To ensure a high level of service to students, our team worked through the weekend to ensure that any backlog and ongoing issues were addressed. We will continue to monitor and address student needs, transportation and otherwise. 

In addition to this work, the transportation team continues to address individual concerns that families and schools have brought to their attention. If you continue to have issues with school bus transportation, please report them to the Family Information Center at 615-259-INFO (4636), by email at FamilyInfo@mnps.org or using the live chat feature on MNPS.org

UPDATE: August 12, 2016 2:06 p.m.

This week brought about a lot of progress, and we are better serving students’ transportation needs every day. Specifically, we closed out many more help tickets, have correctly routed many more students and have a concrete action plan to resolve the existing gaps in service by Saturday evening.


1)      Principals have reported to the transportation team that many more of their buses arrived and departed on time Thursday.

2)      The number of calls into the Family Information Center requesting transportation assistance has dropped. Wait times have also been reduced, and answer rates increased to nearly normal levels.

3)      The transportation team has reduced the number of open help tickets.

4)      The enrollment team has enrolled many more new students and reduced the backlog of students needing to be connected to addresses.


1)      The enrollment teams will ensure that by Friday evening at 6:00 PM, any remaining students will have addresses entered into Infinite Campus.

2)      The transportation teams will ensure that every student entered into the system by this deadline will be routed by Saturday.

3)      The transportation team will communicate with families about updates to their routes.

4)      On Saturday, bus drivers will gather to receive the revised route sheets. One copy is for the driver, and the driver will deliver the other copy to the school Monday morning. The transportation team will also email route sheets to principals.

5)      Bus drivers will then drive their revised routes on Saturday to limit delays on Monday.

6)      All teams have the resources needed to accomplish the plan.

7)    To eliminate the discrepancies noted between the Zone Finder and Bus Stop Finder, the Bus Stop Finder has been taken offline until a permanent fix can be put in place. Find information about your bus stop and arrival and departure times by calling the Family Information Center at (615) 259-INFO (4636), emailing FamilyInfo@mnps.org or using the chat feature in the bottom right corner of this website.


In addition to this work, the transportation team continues to address individual concerns that families and schools have brought to their attention. If you continue to have issues with school bus transportation, please report them to the Family Information Center at 615-259-INFO (4636), by email at FamilyInfo@mnps.org or using the live chat feature on MNPS.org

In a system our size, there will be individual issues we need to address, but the transportation team is solving the systemic problems.


UPDATE: AUGUST 11, 2016 11:23 a.m.

Our transportation team continues to identify issues. More specifically, there remains a backlog in students needing addresses connected to their files so that a bus route can be assigned. Additionally, there are some data compatibility issues, the zone finder has some incorrect information, and some buses have been delayed.

There are some instances where students rode a bus but did not have an address assigned to them. As a result, the bus driver was not able to drop the child off, and the family had to be contacted. There were also some situations where students got on a bus, but the family member expected to pick up the child from school. When this situation occurs at an elementary school, it often causes a ripple effect for the middle school routes that follow.


Firstly, our main MNPS Family Information Center 615.259.INFO (4636) is the best resource for families to call. The Family Information Center can provide information, and they can also solve individual problems families are encountering. Though high call volumes and longer resolution times have led to longer waits on hold, the chat function on MNPS.org is still active, emails to FamilyInfo@mnps.org are answered and the walk-in Family Information Center at Bransford is open every weekday until 5:30pm.

The transportation team has responded well to individual concerns raised by families calling the district or referred by principals. Please continue to send those to us.

The enrollment center team is working on addressing the backlog of students without addresses connected to their files. Once students and their addresses are entered in the student information system, it takes about three days for our transportation department to route them.

The transportation team responded in real-time to address issues that delayed buses, and they are monitoring for common themes to address moving forward. Additionally, they are working with the ELPs to help develop common bus rider procedures to support schools. Please contact our Family Information Center or transportation team if you have a family concerned about the location of their child.

Our student assignment and information technology teams are working to identify the source of the zone finder problem and a timeline to correct the application. We will update you with that information, and we will update the application website with a note to families. If families have questions, our Family Information Center can ensure they have the correct information.

Update: August 8, 2016 


Metro Schools moved to a new student information system over the summer. The system is called Infinite Campus, and it replaced a massive student data system and the parent portal known as Gradespeed. When Metro Schools switched over to the new system, there was a large group of students who did not have address or household information associated with their accounts. 

That causes a problem with the Transportation Department's bus routing system because it has no address to use in assigning a student a bus stop. 


Metro Schools staff members are working overtime to fix the student accounts by hand with the correct household information. Once this is done, a bus stop can be assigned and can join an existing bus route. 


If you have contacted the Family Information Center already, we are tracking the resolution and there is no need to call back. When you are assigned a bus route, you will receive a call from the district. 

If you have not yet reported your bus route issue, we encourage you to contact the Family Information Center by phone, at 615-259-4636, by email at familyinfo@mnps.org or by chat on MNPS.org. We appreciate your patience as they address family concerns in the order they were received. The Family Information Center is receiving a lot of phone calls right now, so please understand if they take longer to resolve your issue than normal. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and frustration this causes.