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Glencliff Elementary: Fostering Entrepreneurship
Posted on 12/06/2021
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Glencliff STEAM Magnet Elementary School has the distinction of being the only entrepreneurship-themed elementary magnet in the district. Their motto, mission, and vision statements reflect their commitment - We See the Light. Glencliff Elementary mural
Mission: We foster an Entrepreneurial Spirit by living courageously as Global Problem Solvers
Vision: Together we Lead, Together we Learn, Together we Change the World.

Glencliff was awarded bronze status from the Tennessee Multi-Tiered System of Supports Center during the 2020-2021 school year for exemplary implementation of their behavior support framework.

This honor recognizes schools who have applied this framework to improve climate, culture, and proactive disciplinary practices that directly impact student engagement and school connectedness.

The school opened in 1955 and is located on what was once the Old Woodruff Farm. The name of the school was taken from a small train station in Nashville.

Glencliff makes sure Every Student is Known by celebrating their student entrepreneurs and highlighting “little thinkers, big ideas” when students create and share their innovative concepts! Their belief in building student leaders at Glencliff is strengthened through their W-GES News Broadcast and the Student Council, which is led by third- and fourth-grade students. Glencliff Mural and students in hallway

Additionally, they celebrate Triple A Achievers each day through the Love Helps program, which promotes academic progress, encourages regular school attendance, and supports positive attitudes in school. 

Glencliff has a patriotic theme to express school spirit. The good ole red, white, and blue are their school colors, and the Eagle is their mascot.  

Fun facts that keep Glencliff students engaged:

One of the entrepreneurial experiences students participate in is the annual Shark Tank. This allows students to pitch their ideas and inventions to a panel of “Sharks.”   

Glencliff has an “Inchy the Bookworm” book vending machine that is used as an incentive.  

Glencliff produces a weekly series on social media that highlights many students at their favorite aspects of school, called “Kids Talk about Glencliff.”  

“At Glencliff Entrepreneurship STEAM Magnet Elementary School, every student is uniquely capable and deserves to be challenged and engaged in their learning each day through our 4 C’s: communication, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration,” said Dr. Julie A. Hopkins, Glencliff’s principal. “We have grounded the 2021-2022 school year with Glencliff’s Keys to Success, which include Literacy, Numeracy, Attendance, Transition, and Social-Emotional Learning. It is my honor to serve the wonderful Glencliff community!”

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