Community Input Gathering


12 community meetings attended by nearly 2,400 parents, students, community members and Metro Schools employees. The event format combined an opportunity for interactive, written feedback on specific topics with an open-forum listening session hosted by area Board members and Dr. Joseph himself.



15 topic-specific meetings geared toward teachers and district staff. These sessions were born from the Listen & Learns, giving district leadership the opportunity to dive more deeply into specific topics of concern brought up by the community.



At the close of his first 100 days as the Director of Metro Schools, Dr. Joseph presented his 100 Day Report to the Board of Education. His first 100 days were guided by a comprehensive entry plan that mapped out goals and priorities – all of which were addressed – for his transition into leadership. The conclusions in his 100 Day Report were largely influenced by the broad community input gathered during this time.



Dr. Joseph appointed a transition team to conduct a deep analysis of current practices in Metro Schools and national best practices that could be applied to district needs in four key areas. The 47-member group was comprised of national experts, local thought-leaders, principals and parents, as well as other representatives of the broader community. The transition team worked in a subcommittee structure over the next five months and was charged with bringing forward both short- and long-term recommendations. The transition team findings were released in November 2016 and the full report of recommendations was released in early February 2017.