Drive With Us

Drive With Us

Good pay. Good benefits. Good schedule.

MNPS’ bus drivers are often the first and last interaction our students have with our staff during the school day. Drivers have the opportunity to make an incredible difference in a student’s school experience.

The district has 630 buses that make 26,000+ stops on any given school day – all driven by dedicated, professional school bus drivers. This year, we’re looking to hire 50-75 more drivers to join Team MNPS.   

I want to drive Nashville's future, tell me more.

  • MNPS is one of the largest employers in Nashville. That means good pay, schedule and benefits, including an Employee Wellness Center, retirement at 80% employer/20% employee and access to Vanderbilt Medical Center health clinics.
  • Our drivers are guaranteed eight hours of pay every work day regardless of how long it takes them to complete their runs either morning or afternoon. Anything above that is classified as overtime.
  • There is no limit to how much overtime a driver can earn through field trips or nights and weekends – so pay can be maximized. Field trips are available in between morning and afternoon routes.
  • Drivers are paid for two weeks of winter break - when schools are closed.
  • Work over the summer months – or take them off! Employees do get summers off, but can opt-in to receive 12-month pay, or pick up summer employment.

I don't have my permit, what should I do?

  • Even if you have not driven professionally before, MNPS offers paid training for candidates to obtain their permit.
  • You do not have to pay for any additional training.
  • MNPS conducts a six-week paid training period for all new bus drivers.
  • MNPS has support staff on stand-by to answer your questions during the process and to help drivers to feel encouraged and confident during training and throughout their entire MNPS career.

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More than just a bus driver

Our bus drivers are the bookend to most students’ school days: greeting them in the morning hours and sending them home every afternoon. They are dedicated not just to student safety, but to our students’ lives in general, often getting to know students’ interests, families and more. Get to know some of our bus drivers and what motivates them to drive for MNPS every day.


Call Us: 615-445-4195