Dual Enrollment

The Dual Enrollment Program allows eligible students to work toward both a high school diploma and a college degree at the same time. For each course, students earn honors credit at the high school level and college credit hours at the postsecondary level. Most college credits will transfer to public colleges and universities throughout Tennessee and the United States.  


Participating Dual Enrollment students may take courses at either Nashville State Community College or Volunteer State Community College. Profiles of these institutions, as well as links to their programs for high school Dual Enrollment students are below.


We are proud to offer our students these progressive and flexible options for higher education. However, we also recognize that enrolling in university-level classes may present financial challenges. Government-funded financial aid packages are available to many of our students who wish to participate in the Dual Enrollment program through the Tennessee Dual Enrollment Grant. Furthermore, the college credit students earn throughout the program applies toward college graduation, drastically reducing the time required to complete a Bachelor’s degree.


Tennessee Dual Enrollment Grant

Our Dual Enrollment Program is funded through the Tennessee Dual Enrollment Grant. This grant’s funding comes from the Tennessee State Lottery, and provides students with the opportunity to apply for financial aid in the form of scholarships, not loans. This means that they will not need to take on any debt in order to participate in the Dual Enrollment Program and take college-level courses.


Nashville State Community College

Established in 1970, and operated by the Tennessee Board of Regents, Nashville State Community College (NSCC) is a comprehensive, accredited, 2-year educational institution. NSCC’s main campus is located on the west side of Nashville, near Sylvan Park, and maintains a student body of just under 10,000. With a wide array of degrees, certificates, and programs offered, NSCC grants well-regarded Associate's degrees and is a cost-effective option for laying the groundwork for postsecondary education.


Volunteer State Community College

Volunteer State Community College (or “Vol State,” as it is popularly known) is also operated by the Tennessee Board of Regents and affordably provides technical certifications and Associate’s degrees. Based in suburban Gallatin, with a student body of roughly 8,000, Vol State has five major divisions: (1) Health Sciences, (2) Humanities, (3) Business and Technology, (4) Social Science and Education, and (5) Math and Science.