English Learners

world class services for our english learners

At Metro Nashville Public Schools, we believe our diversity makes us stronger.

Nashville is a community rich with diversity and we are lucky to have students from more than 130 countries enrolled in our schools. The district is currently home to more than 14,000 active English learners. 

Integrating into a new country can be very difficult for students and families and, coupled with language barriers, the transition can be emotionally draining and difficult. That’s why the Office of English Learners (EL),  a leading EL program in the United States, is committed to designing an EL program that promotes cross-cultural education, facilitates emotional growth and protects the cultural identity of our students. 

We offer carefully tailored programs and services for English Learners with all of the following language backgrounds:

serving our students

MNPS is committed to supporting all English learners throughout their journey to English fluency, regardless of their starting level of English comprehension. Our EL teachers, 750 in total, work with students to provide English learner services every day during school hours.

A typical day in the classroom could look like: 

  • Small group instruction with English learner services

  • Strategic language instruction in reading, writing, listening and speaking teacher for language development 

In addition, the EL office also provides the following services:

  • English language assessment that ensures students receive personalized language learning assistance

  • One-on-one enrollment sessions

  • Individual learning plans personalized to the language needs of each student

  • Interpreters throughout the district to connect families with their schools. Request an Interpreter here.

  • Advocate for students and families 

  • Supplemental language and literacy software for English learners

  • Summer school and after school extended learning opportunities

Supporting our families

We believe in strong partnerships with our families and we know strong family partnerships help students achieve more in and out of the classroom. Our EL office offers a variety of programs that support this belief.


Nashville is a diverse and vibrant community. MNPS works with many community partners throughout the city to support students and their families. Learn more about our diverse city and how it is invested in Metro School.


LEAF (Linking, Empowering and Advancing Families) community nights offer basic and intermediate English classes for parents, while students attend their own classes.


The American legal system can complicated. Once a month, we offer families legal counsel with experienced attorneys for all non-criminal issues, at no cost to families.

Where: Office of English Learners: 615 Fessey Park Road, Nashville, Tenn., 37211

When: 8 a.m. - 1:30 p.m., 3rd Saturday of every month


Our EL office provides a notary service for all EL families, free of charge, for school-related purposes.


Our parent ambassador program partners EL parents who are new to Nashville with other parents who have experience with MNPS and who speak the same language. Parent Ambassadors act as guides, advocates and friends to the families they are partnered with as they go through the process of integration.

If you would like to be assigned a Parent Ambassador, or would like to volunteer to be a Parent Ambassador, contact our English Learner Office at(615) 259-3282 ext. 858256.