Federal Programs and Grants

The office of Federal Programs and Grants supports schools by acquiring, distributing and using resources to drive student achievement and system improvement.

Need funding for your MNPS program or school, but aren’t sure where to start? Below is an overview of some information to assist you in finding available resources that meet your need.

Students with Technology

Funding Opportunities

There are many sources to find funding opportunities at the local, state and national level. Keep up with grant opportunities with the Grant Grapevine newsletter, published in our department, or by accessing sites like the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, Grants.gov, Edutopia.


Grant Writing

Grant writing is a very specific art. Develop SMART objectives and outcomes, meaning write simple, clearly written goals. Develop S.M.A.R.T. Objectives and outcomes, meaning objectives that are specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused, and time-bound. A final tip is to make sure take extra care to proofread by printing your online application for review before submitting.


Grant Partnership and Collaboration

Metro Schools frequently collaborates with university, business and community partners. If you are seeking to establish a partnership with us or obtain MNPS support for your funded program, contact us about your project.


Proposal Submission

Metro Schools employees at the school level who have a located a grant must submit a grant submission form prior to submitting the grant. Possible Required Components include:

  • Endorsement letter from School District written by School Superintendent or Principal
  • Proof of Tax Exempt Status or 501C Statement  
  • DUNS Number
  • Letter of Support from organizations outside of school involved with project  
  • RAE Approval  
  • Project Sustainability  
  • Project Leader Resume
  • List of Required Approval Signatures for District/School Level Grants