Governing Policies

Board of Education's Governing Policies

GOverning Policies

Governance Commitment GP-1 8/8/06
Governing Style GP-2 7/08/14
Board Job Description GP-3 8/12/14
Monitoring Board Governance Process and Board-Director Relationship Policy GP-4 3/23/10
Chair's Role GP-5 3/23/10
Board Committee Principles GP-6 4/22/03
Committee Structure GP-7 3/23/10
Annual Agenda Planning GP-8 6/22/10
Annual Agenda Planning GP-8-E 8/14/12
Board Members-Code of Conduct GP-9 8/8/06
Board Member Conflict of Interest GP-10 6/22/10
Process for Addressing Board Member Violations GP-11 8/8/06


Governance -Management Connection B/DR-1 10/26/04
Unity of Control B/DR-2 4/22/03
Accountability of the Director B/DR-3 4/22/03
Delegation to the Director B/DR-4 4/22/03
Monitoring Director Performance B/DR-5 11/29/16


Global Executive Constraint EE-1 4/22/03
Emergency Director Succession EE-2 4/22/03
Treatment of Parents, Students and Citizens EE-3 9/09/14
Staff Treatment EE-4 1/9/07
Staff Compensation EE-5 7/08/14
Financial Stewardship EE-7 6/22/10
Communication and Counsel to the Board EE-10 7/08/14
Annual Report to the Public EE-11 4/22/03
Instructional Program EE-12 8/12/14
Textbook and Instructional Materials EE-13 4/22/03
Student Learning Environment/Discipline EE-15 4/22/03
Facilities EE-16 8/12/03
Charter Schools EE-17 08/12/14
Employee Representative Organizations EE-18 04/12/16

End Results for students

Vision E-1 1/26/10
Academic Achievement E-2 8/13/13
Personal Development E-3 7/08/14