Infinite Campus

MNPS Student Information System


For more Campus Resources, please visit the Campus Resource Portal which has videos for commonly performed functions.

What is Infinite Campus?
Infinite Campus is a completely web-based student information system (SIS) used by thousands of school districts across the Country. They currently manage data for over 7.5 million students in 45 states and are the largest American owned SIS provider. Their platform allows districts to streamline student administration, enable stakeholder collaboration and individualize instruction.
Why did we choose Infinite Campus?
One reason Metro Schools chose Infinite Campus is because they are a privately owned company with a long track record of success and they will provide Metro Schools with the best mix of features and support.
Infinite Campus introduces new features and enhancements on a monthly basis. Metro Schools will get access to these updates for free as they’re introduced. This will ensure MNPS is always using the latest technology.
Infinite Campus will allow us to improve state reporting. Since all district information is stored in Infinite Campus directly, we will be able to maximize funding with the built-in state and federal reporting functionality. We’ll also be able run ad-hoc reports that will allow us to define, filter, format and deliver information required for instruction, accountability, communication and other essential business processes.
What features are available to parents and students?
Parents and students will be able to log into Infinite Campus from any computer or mobile device and have access to schedules, grades, assignments and attendance information. Teachers will be able to record grades, post assignments and take attendance - among other features. These are just a few items Infinite Campus will provide for Metro Schools. For more information check out the Infinite Campus website.
How will we learn to use Infinite Campus?
To start, you will be guided through the set-up of your CampusID with in-person workshops and webinars. The CampusID will be your login to all of the Infinite Campus resources. These workshops and webinars will also include instruction on how to properly use of all of the Infinite Campus tools. Trainings will be taught by Infinite Campus representatives working specifically with Metro Schools on our implementation.

You will also have access to the Campus Community- a free online learning resource for all Infinite Campus users in the district. Campus Community contains a wealth of information including:

Step-by-step guided instructions; 
Hands-on virtual labs and role-based learning for all district staff; 
Videos and simulations — including self-paced learning tools;
Forums where our staff can interact and learn with thousands of Campus users across the country.