MNPS Director

Strategic Planning

Dr. Shawn Joseph presented his 100 Day Report to Nashville and the Board of Education in late November. His first 100 days were guided by a comprehensive entry plan that mapped out goals and priorities – all of which were addressed – for his transition into leadership. 

Dr. Joseph and the district chiefs – with frequent discussions with the Board – are immersing themselves in long-term strategic planning. This process will play out over the next three to four months, with frequent opportunities for additional community and employee input throughout, based off of the work accomplished in the first 100 days. You can follow the progress of the development of that plan here.


About Dr. Joseph

Dr. Shawn Joseph is the Director of Metro Nashville Public Schools. He is an experienced educator and leader who has fought for excellence and equity for every student he has served over a 20-year career. Read more about Dr. Joseph here.