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Cane Ridge Elementary School
Cane Ridge Elementary Owls
Posted on 08/24/2021
Cane Ridge Elementary students

Cane Ridge Elementary School, home of the Owls, is in the southeastern part of Davidson County and opened its doors to students in 2012. It is one of the largest elementary schools in the district and serves 700 students from pre-kindergarten through fifth grade.

Despite the school’s size, the teaching and administration team at Cane Ridge is committed to Every Student Known in a variety of ways.Celebration of Schools logo

“At Cane Ridge, we are making social-emotional learning (SEL) connections with students and families,” Principal Donna Wilburn said. “Students will be greeted every morning as they enter the building and again as they enter the classroom. Teachers will establish relationships with students and the families through the Navigators program, Meet the Teacher events, newsletters, and conferences. In addition to SEL practices, each teacher will also review student data to know the academic needs of their students.”

A diverse and inclusive school community, Cane Ridge hosts an international fair each year that honors and celebrates various cultures represented within the school.

Fun Facts about Cane Ridge

  • The school mascot is the Owls, which stands for Outstanding, Wonderful Learners & Staff.
  • Cane Ridge was named a 2016 Reward School for student growth and achievement.
  • Cane Ridge is LEED silver-certified, which makes it one of the greenest and most sustainable construction projects in the district.

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