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Dan Mills Elementary Classroom
Dan Mills: Serving Inglewood since 1937
Posted on 08/30/2021
Dan Mills Students

Dan Mills Elementary School has been serving the Inglewood community since 1937. The Dragon is their school mascot, and the school colors are red and white.Dan Mills students in class

When Dan Mills reached its 80th school year in 2017, the current faculty and staff celebrated with former students, teachers, and administrators to commemorate the occasion. The school proudly displayed photos of both past and present students in the front office. Principal Robby Yates also shared photographs as visual reminders of the school’s rich history.   

“We must remain diligent in carrying on the long-standing tradition of promoting excellence for our students and community,” Principal Yates said.  

Dan Mills continues the mission of inclusive community commitment through pursuing excellence and fostering a love of learning. The school’s vision, through academic equity, aims for all students to emerge as engaged students and compassionate leaders. The students of Dan Mills learn through a house system, which builds family-like connections throughout the school year. There are four houses: Kingcrowne, Skywing, Nebula, and Midori.  
The students are actively involved in service-learning projects that directly impact the community, such as East C.A.N., Azalea Trace Assisted Living, and Second Harvest Food Bank, to name a few.

Dan Mills is ensuring that Every Student Known is top priority. The school counselors gather individual students’ SEL data from every student. All third- and fourth-grade students complete a needs assessment multiple times throughout the year, and the school conducts face-to-face interviews with every kindergarten, first-, and second-grade student. 

Data from these inventories provide guidance to faculty and staff on how best to support individual students’ social and emotional (SEL) needs while also pointing to SEL trends in the classrooms and cohorts. Dragon meetings are held every five weeks with grade-level teachers, administration, and school counselors to discuss both academic and behavioral data and determine any additional supports needed to promote individual success for all students.  

“Here at Dan Mills, we will continue to empower students,” Principal Yates said, “so that they become lifelong learners and positive, productive citizens.”


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