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Hermitage Elementary: Cambridge, Caring & Community
Posted on 10/20/2021
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Hermitage Elementary School is located on a historic property: The land was once used as hunting grounds for General Andrew Jackson (later elected the nation’s seventh President) and even earlier by Native Americans in the area. The school was not only named for General Jackson’s home, The Hermitage, but for the modern community, Hermitage Hills, which surrounds the school. Hermitage students in classroom

Hermitage Elementary is now celebrating its 60th year and prides itself on being a great partner in the neighborhood. The faculty and staff focus on being a family- and student-centered school that equips students to lead and positively impact their community.

Hermitage Elementary is the home of the Lions, with a proud heritage of excellence and inclusion. The school’s mission is to work together to ensure all Lions learn at high levels and are prepared for middle school. Hermitage prepares students through the Cambridge curriculum, which fosters inquiry, problem-solving, and next-level thinking throughout their educational pathway. Cambridge students are asked to think critically, to learn how to construct an argument and evaluate evidence. They are encouraged to develop an international outlook to become confident, global citizens. 

One way Hermitage makes Every Student Known is by focusing on social-emotional learning. Each month, one of the CASEL Core Competencies is featured to students. This month’s theme is self-awareness, teaching students to know what they are feeling and what may cause those emotions. Each student has an opportunity to express themselves both in their classroom and in the Sown to Grow platform. 

“I have worked at Hermitage Elementary since 2016, and I have not encountered a more caring, more resilient, and more hard-working group of faculty and staff. Each person comes to work each day to positively change the world through the education of our young people,” said Hermitage’s principal, Matthew Owensby.
“In the same way, the students of Hermitage Elementary continue to rise to the challenge by working hard, caring for their peers, and making a difference. Hermitage Elementary is a great place to work together to raise today’s generation of world-changers.” 

The staff of Hermitage pledge to help their students:


  • Be honest and trustworthy 
  • Be goal-minded and perseverant 
  • Be well-rounded critical thinkers 
  • Be self-reliant and resourceful 
  • Be empathetic to others’ perspectives 
  • Break stereotypes by defining their own futures 
  • Empower future generations by giving back to their community 
  • Be lifelong learners 
  • Hermitage’s colors are blue, gold, and white.

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