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The Hillwood Hilltoppers: Celebrating Individual & Collective Strengths
Posted on 10/22/2021
Hillwood Health Sciences class

Hillwood High School is home to the Hilltoppers with green, white, and black school colors. In February, Mayor John Cooper announced full funding for a new, state of the art school building at 8001 Highway 70 S. Land for the school was purchased in 2017, and in 2018 funds were allocated for the site work. The projected completion date is 2023. Hillwood Health Sciences class, student with dummy patient

Hillwood originally opened in 1959 as a junior high, with the first class graduating in the spring of 1964. The school was located on property purchased by the H.G Hill family, for which it was named. 

Today Hillwood prepares well-rounded students with career and college readiness skills through opportunities like Advanced Placement and dual enrollment courses, Academies of Nashville, quality related arts programs, and athletics. The school has the Academy of Health Sciences, Academy of Art, Design, and Communication, and the Academy of Business and Hospitality. Hillwood student in ballet class

The school recently opened a community room, providing food, clothing, diapers, school supplies, and other items to students and families at no cost. The room is open on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from the start of the school day until 2:30 p.m. 

“The Hillwood Cluster Community Room is a welcoming place for all families and students in the West Nashville area. This is not a place that simply gives away essential items, but it is a welcoming space that our families and students feel comfortable coming into,” said Jeremy Quinonez, the Community Achieves site manager at Hillwood. 

Hillwood works to ensure Every Student is Known by connecting with students each day during fifth block. Staff members work with each individual student to review their current academic, attendance, behavior, and social-emotional data; students then write weekly goals for improvement. Hillwood also focuses on developing academy, community, and alumni partnerships.

Over the past few years, Hillwood has increased its number of community and support partners. (Read about Clif Mitchell, the marketing director who helped make it possible.) These partners provide much-needed time and resources that support Hillwood's academic and extra-curricular programs. 

Hillwood focuses on celebrating the individual and collective strengths of students. A few achievements in the past few years include: 

  • Student Angelie Quimbo was named one of two student MNPS school board representatives this year.
  • Hillwood has had a National Merit Semi-Finalist for the past two years.
  • The school started an Advanced Placement (AP) Scholars program to assist students pursuing the AP Capstone Diploma.
  • Hillwood offers almost 20 AP classes.
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Future Hillwood High School Campus

Watch a video presentation of the new Hillwood High School campus. 




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