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Margaret Allen Middle: Ensuring Students’ Success “Today and for Years to Come"
Posted on 02/24/2022
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Margaret Allen Middle School is a diverse school in South Nashville with more than 16 different languages spoken by more than 400 students in grades 5 to 8.

Executive Principal Monica Bryant believes diversity is not only an important part of Margaret Allen’s school environment but also a key consideration for teaching and learning inside classrooms.   

“It’s really important for us to create inclusive learning environments that both support and acknowledge all cultures,” Bryant says. 

The teachers and faculty at Margaret Allen are also committed to making sure Every Student is Known and using that context in their academic goal setting throughout the school year. Teachers work one on one with students for academic data chats and other SEL work to support the whole child. The school holds monthly town hall meetings to discuss topics such as academic progress and attendance.  

“Our focus is to ensure that every student receives a high-quality education every day,” says Bryant. “It is our goal to provide students with personalized supports to ensure their success today and for years to come by engaging them in academic learning experiences that are relevant, challenging and exploratory.”  

The team at Margaret Allen is also celebrating recent academic wins, including a 10% increase in students meeting their growth targets on the English and math Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment, a test that measures student growth.  

Social-emotional learning (SEL) is an important part of the daily schedule at Margaret Allen. The school uses the “Leader in Me” SEL program to foster trust and a positive culture.  

Visit Margaret Allen

Margaret Allen is an open enrollment school – if you are in the Southeast area of Nashville and you have not set up a school visit, or if it has been a while, take a second look! Learn more about Margaret Allen on their school website.

Facts about Margaret Allen Middle School

  • The school’s mascot is the Knights, and its colors are maroon, gold and white.  
  • Students in sixth through eighth grades can enroll in honors classes in math and English Language Arts, and eighth-graders can enroll in Physical Science, Integrated Math and Spanish I classes for high school credit.  


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