Celebrating Neely's Bend Elementary

Neely’s Bend Elementary: Blazing a “Path Towards Greatness”
Posted on 03/01/2022
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Neely’s Bend Elementary School has over 150 years of rich history in the Madison community. It initially served as a rural community school but now serves an urban/suburban area.music teacher showing student to play ukulele in class

Neely’s Bend’s vision is to grow critical thinkers, active problem solvers, inquisitive readers and proficient writers who value and respect the differences in people, customs and culture.

The school is committed to its Every Student Known strategies, which start with making every name known. Neely’s Bend purchased an ID badge maker to ensure students are called by their names and feel part of the school family.

The school celebrates not only student accomplishments but also effort. Students are recognized daily for achievement in attendance and for classroom academic performance during morning and afternoon announcements. Every homeroom has a student of the week and month. 

Neely’s Bend has had some proud accomplishments this school year, receiving the MNPS Blitz Award for attendance and seeing a significant increase in students working on or above grade level in the academic program Lexia.

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“As we shift to better, failure is never an option, and complacency will not hinder our path towards greatness at Neely’s Bend Elementary,” said Kimberly Bullock, executive school principal.

The school's name was derived from two sources. One was the Neely family, which settled in the area around 1780. The other source is its unique geographic location in a bend of the mighty Cumberland River. “The Bend” is the elementary school’s nickname.

Fun Facts about The Bend

  • The school mascot is the beaver.
  • An original signed Thomas Kincade drawing hangs in a hallway.
  • Neely’s Bend Road, where the school is located, is considered one of the longest roads in Davidson County.

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