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Posted on 10/07/2021
John Overton High School facade

John Overton High School, often referred to as Overton, was named in honor of its location - the John Overton estate. The school opened in September 1958 to seventh- and eighth-grade students, with the plan to add a grade per year for the next four years.  Overton girls softball

Overton is home to international students from over 55 countries who speak more than 35 languages. The school ensures Every Student is Known through their staff and faculty at every student touch point. There are at least 39 bilingual staff and faculty to mitigate language barriers. This allows students to communicate and begin building relationships in their native languages, which helps them establish confidence and community within the school.  

Another strategy that ensures that Every Student is Known starts with new students. Freshmen are scheduled in linked English blocks, which gives them the opportunity to see a teacher on both block schedule days instead of only seeing the teacher every other day. This provides them with the foundation to build a relationship with a faculty member. 

All new students entering Overton are assigned a Navigator, who will stay with them throughout their high school career. All seniors meet individually with a post-secondary advisor or transition specialist to plan and navigate for post-secondary success. 
Overton’s mascot is the bobcat, and students proudly wear the three school colors of red, black, and white. 

Their motto is College Ready, Career Ready, Life Ready. In keeping with the motto, Overton offers the following:
  • A Cambridge International Demonstration Center - a model program for Cambridge, a global advanced academics program, in the United States. Overton hosts other schools that are interested in starting Cambridge programs.  
  • Expanded post-secondary planning that includes boutique advising for students that aligns with their desired career plans. Their graduation coach, transition specialist, and several career- ready partners share an office suite and support students with career readiness and college readiness processes.   

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