Head Middle Magnet Celebration

Head Middle Magnet
Posted on 08/19/2021
Head Middle School students

Based on the number of requests for student placements, Head Middle Magnet is one of the most popular schools in MNPS.

Head uniquely demonstrates Every Student Known through the HMMS Connection Hub. The Connection Hub introduces students and families into the three-day Tiger Transition Program as incoming fifth graders. The program is tailored to bridge the gap between leaving elementary school and entering middle school. Head Middle logo

Additional supports, such as a full-time social worker, a Mindfulness Coordinator, Head's weekly Top Tiger student recognition program, and the school’s monthly family engagement activities can also be found in the Connection Hub.

Head’s school motto is “Connection. Commitment. Compassion.” The motto was designed to create a culture in which the academic and social foundations of all students are built and fostered beyond district and state expectations. 

“Head has always provided an academically rich environment that supports the social-emotional development of all students by connecting to their hearts and minds,” Executive Principal Dr. Tonja Williams said.  

The school’s mascot is the Tiger, and they represent their sports and academic teams wearing blue and gold. 


Fun Facts about Head Magnet

  • Head partners with Tennessee State University for study abroad programs and has traveled to Johannesburg, South Africa, and Trinidad and Tobago.  
  • Head has a girls mentoring program called Peace, Love and Pearls
  • Head also has a boys mentoring program called Power, Strength and Purpose.
  • Head participates in the National Geographic Bee, spelling bee, math quiz bowl, First Lego League, and Vex Robotics

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