Hillsboro Celebration

Hillsboro High School Celebration
Posted on 08/20/2021
Hillsboro High School

Hillsboro High School, also known as the Burro Dome, opened in 1939 to serve what was then a rural Davidson County community. The school, which is wrapping up a major construction and renovation project, was named for the now bustling neighborhood (generally known these days as Green Hills) where it stands a few miles southwest of downtown.

Hillsboro learned through surveys that students had a desire to connect with their school community this year and needed a sense of belonging.Hillsboro High School

The school assures that Every Student is Known by implementing the following strategies:

  • Conducting professional development trainings designed for teachers to identify and understand the challenges faced by students returning to in-person instruction
  • Implementing customized programming and lessons to promote relationship-building among students
  • Augmenting the academy structure with supports that are personalized to students' individual needs (office hours, extracurriculars, clubs, etc.)

Hillsboro’s vision is to be the first choice for Nashville families for high school. In addition to offering a traditional diploma, Hillsboro offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma and IB Career- Related Certificate programme. The IB programme challenges students to excel both personally and academically.

The school colors are green and yellow, and the mascot is the Burros.

Interesting Facts about Hillsboro

  • In 1952 on Halloween, Hillsboro was destroyed by a fire. While the school was being rebuilt, they continued instruction for two years operating in nearby community facilities, including Belmont College.
  • Hillsboro is the longest continuously operating high school in MNPS.
  • Graduating class of 2021: 84% of IB Diploma Programme seniors earned the IB Diploma, and 88% of IB Career-Related seniors earned the IB Career-Related Certificate.
“Words cannot express how proud we all are for the students and teachers in our IB Diploma Programme,” Hillsboro Executive Principal Dr. Shuler Pelham said. “During a year that has generated unprecedented challenges, our students and staff achieved historic accomplishments.”


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