MNPS Voices: Tina Bozeman

Tina Bozeman, Grant Project Director
Posted on 10/28/2021
Tina Bozeman

The MNPS for ALL LGBTQ+ initiative is more than a work project - it's personal to MNPS’ project director Tina Bozeman.

Less than a decade ago, while Bozeman’s career and many aspects of her life were thriving, she wasn't living and sharing her true self as a part of the LGBTQ+ community. As many do, she was fearful of the unknown and the impact of her truth. After working for MNPS for 20-plus years, in 2016 Bozeman and her wife moved to Boston from Nashville, a place where she felt more comfortable being herself. 

“In Boston, I developed a sense of courage, strength, and empowerment. After several years, we decided to move back to Nashville to be closer tMNPSo our godchildren, Beckham and Patrick. I was also driven to find a way to support MNPS LGBTQ+ students, teachers, and staff feel greater value, safety, and support. Moving back to Nashville and rejoining MNPS allowed me to do just that through working with a CDC grant that focused on LGBTQ+ youth,” Bozeman said.

Part of that work involves the MNPS for ALL awareness and support campaign to help members of the LGBTQ+ community feel safe and included. While the initiative has just begun, posters, lanyards, pins, and other visual representations line the walls of many classrooms and are displayed proudly among staff, identifying a safe space for students. Bozeman and her team ordered thousands of the swag pieces and already need more items due to the demand.

The initiative also includes training for staff and participation in community events, such as the recent Nashville Pride Parade and Festival.

“It's just getting started, and this initiative will continue to grow, but the feedback and participation has already been unbelievable,” Bozeman said. “We hope to reach each school building and every classroom. We want district staff, school staff and teachers, and students to know MNPS is a wonderful place to learn and work and Nashville is an amazing place to live where you can be yourself.”

Bozeman has truly been amazed by the positive feedback and willingness to participate. She is especially thankful to her team and supervisor, Executive Director of School Counseling Dr. Megan Cusson-Lark, who has allowed Bozeman the space to develop her passion project.

“It’s almost like people in MNPS have been waiting for something like this to be a part of. While there have been pockets of this work, throughout the district, for years, this is the first time I recall a district-wide initiative,” Bozeman said.



The CDC grant Bozeman leads also supports health and well-being around mental, emotional, and sexual health education, resources, and services. Bozeman has specialized in wellness education for her 29 years in education. It is a subject she cares about because of its relevance to students in every stage of life.

She is most proud of the relationships she has developed with students and colleagues during her tenure, especially the impact she has had on the lives of young people by teaching such an important topic.

“When we think about what we teach, how we teach it, and how it can positively impact the life of a child, it reminds me of the most crucial work we could be a part of,” Bozeman said. “What I’m doing right now is some of the most important work of my career. I hope this work for LGBTQ+ equity, inclusion, safety, and affirmation has a lasting impact on MNPS as a whole. Every student, every staff member, every teacher, and every district leader and support personnel deserves to feel like they matter and are safe in MNPS. We are MNPS for ALL.”

Learn more about MNPS for All and and download printable assets on the MNPS LGTBQ+ page.

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