Mask Feedback

Mask Update
Posted on 08/20/2021
As a reminder, on August 5, the Metro Nashville Board of Education adopted a requirement that all students, staff, and visitors wear face masks in our buildings. For the time being, all students without a medical accommodation are still required to wear masks.

This is consistent with an Executive Order issued by Mayor John Cooper requiring masks be worn in all government facilities and follows the best available advice and recommendations from local health experts, the Centers for Disease Control, and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Masks are an important part of an overall COVID-19 mitigation strategy to reduce the transmission of the virus. Masks offer some level of protection for people who wear them, but they are most effective at reducing the potential for someone with COVID-19 to spread it to those around them. Additionally, if we have a universal mask policy in place with which everyone complies, the area in which someone can be defined as a close contact for quarantine purposes is reduced from 6 feet to 3 feet, which means that fewer students will be quarantined. A mask requirement allows us to keep students in class and learning, since remote learning is not an option this year, per state law.

Since Monday, we have worked with Metro Legal to study Governor Bill Lee’s Executive Order (EO) 84 stating that parents would have the ability to opt out of mask requirements in addition to all applicable federal laws and regulations. Those discussions are ongoing. At this time, the Board has not made any changes to its policy but will be getting updates regularly from Dr. Battle about the impact of COVID-19 in our schools, including but not limited to infection and quarantine rates. We will communicate with parents and students if there is any change in our mask policy.

In addition, we have created a feedback form for parents to indicate their preference for opting out of a mask requirement. You can download and fill out the form at and provide it to your school’s principal via email or in person. Again, for the time being, all students without a medical accommodation are still required to wear masks. As we gather information, we will continue to follow all applicable guidance, rules, regulations, and metrics to further inform our policies.