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MNPS NExt: Delivering Great Schools

Announcing a district-wide assessment of buildings and programs

MNPS Next is a district-wide initiative that aims to improve access, equity and efficiency in the district’s academic programming and use of facilities.

MNPS Next is designed to support the improvement of student outcomes, increase resources and fiscal efficiencies, and increase MNPS’ market share and desirability among potential families.

who is leading mnps next?

District leaders, in conjunction with MGT Consulting Group, are leading MNPS Next.  MGT has a 15-year history of working with the district and helped craft the district’s current 10-year Facility Master Plan.  The MGT project team is composed of educators and seasoned facility experts.

First Steps

MNPS Next begins with a rigorous facility analysis, which is underway.  MGT is examining the educational suitability, condition, quality and technology readiness of every site and building.  The findings will be evaluated in concert with related programmatic data, as well as the findings and recommendations of the Transition Team, community and staff Listen & Learn sessions held in 2016, and the Strategic Framework.  The process will yield initial themes and scenarios for discussion with staff and the community.  As an example, MNPS Next will explore the feasibility of combining 5th grade with other elementary grades among other options.

We Value Your Input

Community and staff engagement is an integral part of MNPS Next with the initial community engagement sessions beginning in July and August. Throughout the process, community and staff will have access to robust in-person and online feedback mechanisms to ensure all stakeholders have the opportunity to share input. Once the potential scenarios are identified, additional in-person and online surveying will take place to shape the recommendations to be brought before the Board of Education. Ultimately, MNPS Next will inform the development of an updated 10-year Facility Master Plan. 

scope of work & Timeline


Community Meetings

In June Metro Schools hosted four community meetings across Nashville to gather feedback from parents about their vision for how we should use school buildings to offer academic programs and serve all students equitably. There will be additional community meetings held in the fall.

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