All materials, supplies, and equipment purchased with either federal, state, or local funds become the property of MNPS. MNPS’ Inventory Control Department will ensure that all assets are tracked and maintained following federal, state, and local requirements. The Office of Federal Programs and Grants will assist the Inventory Control Department to ensure adherence to federal guidelines and requirements.

Trackable Assets

All sensitive items with an initial value of $100 or more AND with a useful life of over one (1) year are trackable assets and must be entered into the MNPS inventory system, FileMaker Pro.


Equipment that is acquired by a school as a result of a donation or by purchase using locally managed funds is the property of MNPS. Equipment that is acquired by purchase using federal funds is the property of MNPS. Unless the grant statute or awarding agency specifies otherwise, title to federally purchased equipment is conditioned on MNPS using the equipment in accordance with federal guidelines.


Principals and department heads have the ultimate responsibility and accountability for all MNPS property regardless of the source of funding or method of acquisition. Each school principal or department head is responsible for designating an inventory agent at their location. The inventory agent will be responsible for maintaining control of the inventory and recording movement of equipment within the building or outside of the building in Filemaker Pro. When a principal or departmental head is responsible for inventory that is located at various geographic locations (street addresses) on a full time basis, an inventory agent will be designated at each location. The Inventory Control Department is responsible for training and supporting each inventory agent, and for conducting the annual physical inventory reconciliations.

Stolen Equipment (EDGAR 200.313(d) (3))

Every effort must be made to control and protect all trackable assets from theft, damage and vandalism. The Office of Security and the Inventory Department must be contacted in writing if theft, serious damage or vandalism occurs. Procedures on reporting stolen equipment are listed in FMp 2.142 Inventory Control Procedure (MNPS Procedure).

Federal Program Disposal Regulations (EDGAR 200.313(e))

When disposing of items purchased with federal funds such as Title I, Special Education, or CTE, a separate move order is required. The procedure for disposing of such items is listed in FMp 2.142 Inventory Control Procedure (MNPS Procedure). When equipment purchased with federal funds is to be moved or disposed of, the process is to be approved by the Executive Director of Federal Programs and Grants.

Inventory Control and Tracking

The physical transfer of trackable assets between locations shall not be done without approval of the principal or department head from the receiving and sending school or department. Physical inventories will be conducted annually by the inventory teams on site with the support of the Inventory Control Department.

Repair of Inventoried Items

Consult the Inventory Control Department for guidelines regarding repair of damaged inventoried items. Items that do not meet the $100 threshold for inclusion in the Filemaker Pro will be automatically assumed to be Not Economically Feasible to Repair (NEFR). Therefore, NEFR items should not be sent for repair. All other equipment is eligible for repair.

Employees Personal Items

Personal items may not be brought into MNPS locations without prior approval by the principal or department head. All personal items must be clearly marked as such. Personal computer and network accessible items must have prior permission to access the MNPS network.