Strategic Framework

In 2017, the Board of Education voted to approve the district’s Strategic Framework, after nearly six months of input gathering from families, staff, community leaders and national experts. Through the process, district leadership and the Board of Education assessed the MNPS’ needs from all angles and determined what is needed to move the district forward.

The strategic plan framework includes:

  • Vision, mission and core value statements

  • Student and school characteristics that define success on an aspirational level

  • Four overarching goals and broad strategies to achieve them

  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) – the data we will track to measure our success

  • High-level actions that we will take to execute our goals and strategies








Community input Gathering

July 2016-January 2017

If you are interested in learning more about the research, evaluation and work that helped to shape the strategic framework priorities, please click the button below.

Phase 2: Strategic framework

December 2016-April 2017

Phase II represents the Strategic Framework. During this phase, we began and completed the synthesis of what we heard and learned in Phase I and crafted, tested, and edited language to reflect our path forward. Phase II includes the vision, mission, and values statements; student and school characteristics; four broad goal areas; 11 aligned strategies; and 130 high level actions and 26 performance measures that will guide project and action planning – and reporting – over the next three years.


Phase 3: Establish baselines measures, targets and reporting timeline

April-June 2017

Phase III of the strategic planning process will focus on developing and establishing baseline measures for the key performance indicators (KPIs). It will also set a reporting timeline with annual targets and develop action and project plans. The sequence in which the high-level actions will be carried out will also be determined.

Phase 4: Implementation planning

June-July 2017

Phase IV, conducting implementation and project plans, will continue our planning for implementation of the new processes. This phase will establish data reporting mechanisms, processes and protocols based on information gathered during the prior phases.

Phase 5: Performance measurement & dashboard Development

July 2017-June 2018

Phase V, the final phase strategic planning, will involve infrastructure and skill development on performance management and measurement. For example, creating internal data management systems, making sure databases are connected and training staff to effectively use the systems.