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The Tennessee Educator Acceleration Model (TEAM) is about principals and teachers working together to ensure the best possible instruction every day. Through frequent observations, constructive feedback, student data, and professional development, TEAM is designed to support all educators in doing their best work to help every student learn and grow. To read more about TEAM evaluation policy, see the Tennessee State Board of Education Teacher and Principal Evaluation Policy 5.201.

TNCompass is the TEAM evaluation platform for MNPS, and is used for all aspects of the TEAM evaluation: conducting observations, entering achievement and growth measure information, and viewing summative and historical evaluation data.

Current employees can learn more about the TEAM evaluation policy and process by accessing the TEAM Handbook through the employee portal.

TEAM Evaluation Composition

The TEAM evaluation includes both qualitative and quantitative measures of teaching quality. The three components of the TEAM evaluation are observations, achievement, and growth. These three components come together to comprise an educator’s overall Level of Effectiveness (LOE) score. Educators receive an LOE score ranging from 1 to 5, with a score of 3 being ‘at expectations’.

Score calculations differ by educator type due to variations in the weighting of TEAM evaluation components. Educator types include: tested teachers with prior data, tested teachers without prior data, non-tested teachers, and teachers using a fine arts portfolio. The table below outlines the 2017-18 TEAM evaluation component weightings for each educator type:

Evaluation Component Tested Teachers (with Prior Data)* Tested Teachers (without Prior Data)* Non-Tested Teaches** Teachers with Portfolios***
Achievement Measure 15% 15% 15% 15%
Growth Measure 20% 2017-18 and 2016-17 TVAAS             15%  2015-16 TVAAS (only included if doing so benefits the educator) 20% 2017-18 TVAAS 15% 2017-18 School-Level TVAAS 35% 2017-18 Portfolio Score
Observations 50% 65% 70% 50%

* All 4th - 12th grade teachers who have generated individual growth scores in the past two years and whose students take TCAP or EOC exams

** 1st - 3rd grade teachers, middle, and high school world languages and PE teachers, deans, librarians, counselors, and multi classroom leaders

*** All fine arts teachers, Pre-K and K teachers

Who is evaluated?

All full time (.6 FTE or higher) certificated educators and administrators working over 120 days in the current school year receive a TEAM evaluation. The table below provides guidance on when an evaluation is required.

Employee Type Receives TEAM Evaluation?
Full time or certificated educator or administrator (.6 FTE or higher) YES
Part time certificated educator or administrator (Below .6 FTE or 120 day contract) NO
Late hires YES, if hired before Thanksgiving break
Interim positions YES, if eligible t owork over 120 days in the school year
Intra-district transfers YES
Itinerant roles YES
Educators on temporary leave during the school year Yes, if eligible to work over 120 days in the school year

Becoming an Evaluator

In order to conduct formal observations, administrators must attend TEAM training through the Tennessee Department of Education to become certified TEAM evaluators. TEAM certification is valid for the duration of the current school year (designated on the TEAM evaluator certificate) before the evaluator must take an online re-certification test. Without a valid TEAM certification, administrators are not permitted to conduct formal observations.


2017-18 Evaluation Grievance Process

2017-18 Step I Grievance Form

2017-18 Step II Grievance Form

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