What We Learned

What Have We Learned

At the end of his first 100 days, Dr. Joseph reached the following conclusions:

Curriculum and Instruction

  • Make sure teachers are teaching to the standards 
  • Identify strong formative assessments and use them 
  • Strengthen coherence of instructional, curricular and school programs; and improve the curriculum 

Equitable Access to Academic Program Options

  • Provide children with specialized academic programs based on individual need---like special education, gifted education and the middle school program 
  • Ensure students have equity of access across academic programs, instructional practices, schools, and curriculum
  • Ensure our non-magnet schools are offering rigor to all students 
  • Enhance Academies of Nashville programs in response to positive feedback

Culture, Climate and Student Support

  • Provide fair, equitable and effective discipline practices 
  • Support improved school culture and climate strategies and provide access to Social & Emotional Learning 
  • Capitalize on families’ positive response toward the diversity of our schools 
  • Continue improving the overall health of the district’s culture and customer service 
  • Continue to improve and clarify relationships between the central office and schools

Ongoing Communication

  • Provide parents with more information about how we’re meeting the needs of all children, where and how they can get support, and how to navigate various systems and processes


  • Recruit, select, hire, support and retain great teachers who reflect the diversity of our district a. Address chronic absenteeism and attrition 

Partners and Community

  • Leverage the incredible support – in-kind and financial – and expertise that Nashville’s community shares with MNPS