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Our schools and dedicated staff prepare Nashville and Davidson County's students to excel in higher education, work and life. We offer a experiences to fit every student's unique needs and value and support our employees.

We proudly are Nashville's Public Schools and invite you to Experience MNPS!


At Metro Nashville Public Schools, we use detailed academic, behavior and social-emotional data to ensure every student in the district is known and our staff makes a concerted effort to tune into students' interests, passions, learning styles and needs. We focus on creating and supporting rigorous, engaging and personalized learning experiences for all students to identify and eliminate inequities - so every student has a clear and achievable path to success marked by measurable goals. 

Offering a range of program and opportunities, MNPS has options to fit every family's needs. Whether you are looking for advanced academics, visual and performing arts, special education services, English language support or STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) educational programs, we offer the best choices to meet individual student needs - starting at Pre-K all the way through graduation. 

Our Vision

Metro Nashville Public Schools will be established as the premier large school district in Tennessee and beyond by ensuring that every student is known.

Our Mission 

We deliver a great public education to every student, every day.

Our Core Values

Core values drive and focus our collective commitments included in our mission and vision. These values reflect the principles that guide our internal conduct, as well as 

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our relationships with the external community. Our core values are woven throughout our goals, high-level strategies, and performance measures.

Whole Learner

We believe in meeting each child at the point of need to maximize individual unlimited potential and success.


We believe what research shows: Early reading success is a critical factor in a child's likelihood of graduating from high school and experiencing future life success.


We believe all students benefit from high-quality instruction and high expectations each year, in each subject, and in each classroom.


We believe students learn best when they are inspired by real-world challenges that promote critical thinking, inquiry, problem-solving, and creativity.


We believe teaching and learning are enhanced through creative thinking and experimentation across all subject areas, including STEAM, literacy, and the creative arts.


We believe in supporting, developing, respecting, compensating, and retaining our teachers, leaders, and staff.


We believe engaging parents, community members, students, and other stakeholders in the educational process leads to better outcomes for all our students and benefits the broader Nashville community.


We believe in equitable access and opportunities for all students from early childhood through graduation.


We value, respect and celebrate students, staff, and educators from different backgrounds.


Learn More About MNPS

This website offers links to all our Nashville public schools and academic programs so you can learn more about our schools and the impact our educators and staff make on our students and community every single day.