Family Decision Survey

In September, Metro Schools offered families the opportunity to choose in-person learning or virtual learning for their students, as conditions in the community allowed for students in the classroom. Those decisions were for the entire 2020-2021 school year, with the promised option to change that decision before the start of the second semester in January.

MNPS has opened a new survey on Monday, November 30, that will close on Friday, December 4, to allow those families who want to change their decision the option to do so. If you do not wish to change your decision, no action is necessary on your part.


Visit the survey links below to submit the survey in English and in several other languages.

How To: To submit your family's decision:

  • Visit the Panorama Education webpage and enter your student's MNPS username in lowercase letters as the "access code."
    • What is the student username? It is the username needed to log into MNPS laptops and GlobalProtect. They are similar to email addresses but do not include at the end.

You can fill out the survey on any computer, tablet or smartphone with Internet access. If you need help, please contact the Family Information Center at 615-259-INFO (4636) or [email protected].

Survey: Amharic | Arabic | Burmese | English |Kurdish | Nepalese | Somali | Spanish | Swahili | Vietnamese


MNPS invited a small population of students with exceptional needs back to their schools in September. Our youngest learners, starting with grades Pre-K to 2nd grade, returned Oct. 13, and 3rd and 4th grades returned Oct. 20. The return for students was paused to the rise of COVID-19 cases in Davidson County, and the district moved to virtual learning for all grades on November 30th for the remainder of the semester.

As we are able to return students to the classroom, we will likely follow a phase-in schedule that prioritizes first our exceptional education students and elementary students and transitions middle and high school grades 5 and 9 (the youngest students in each of those tiers) back into the classroom. The district will release further details as we get closer to the second semester.



Q: How do I submit my family's decision survey?

A: Metro Schools is working with our survey partner, Panorama Education, to administer the Family Decision Survey online.

  • To submit your family's decision, please visit the Panorama Education webpage and enter your student's MNPS username in lowercase letters as the "access code"

    • Student usernames are used to log into MNPS laptops and GlobalProtect. They are similar to email addresses but do not include at the end.

You can fill out the survey on any computer, tablet, or smartphone with Internet access. If you need help, please contact the Family Information Center at 615-259-INFO (4636) or [email protected].

Q: Who can complete the Family Decision Survey?

A: The student's legal guardian should submit your family's decision. Only one decision can be made for each child.

Decision Survey


This webpage can be translated by using the translation tool at the bottom left of this webpage to select a language.

Q: My child is enrolled in a charter school. Do I need to submit my family's decision to MNPS?

A: No, for students enrolled in charter schools, please contact your child's school directly.

Q: Can I complete the Family Decision Survey in a language other than English?

A: Yes, the survey is available online in these additional languages:

Amharic | Arabic | Burmese | Kurdish | Nepali | Somali | Spanish | Swahili | Vietnamese

Access Code is the student username (all lowercase, same as email address but without

If you need support in other languages, please contact the Family Information Center at 615-259-INFO (4636) or [email protected].

Q: I do not know my student's MNPS username. What should I do?

A: Please contact the Family Information Center at 615-259-INFO (4636) or [email protected].

Q: When I try to access the survey for my student, it is not there or it was already completed. What should I do?

A: Please contact the Family Information Center at 615-259-INFO (4636) or [email protected].

Q: Do I have to complete a separate survey for each child?

A: Yes, families must submit one decision survey for each child enrolled in Metro Nashville Public Schools, with the exception of charter schools.

Q: When is my decision due?

A: Families who wish to change their previous decision must complete the survey by Friday, December 4 so schools can prepare accordingly.

Q: Can I change my decision after December 4 or if conditions improve or worsen?

A: No, all decisions are final so that schools may appropriately assign staff to meet the needs of students both in-person and virtual.

Q: The wrong school is listed for my child in Panorama. What should I do?

A: The decision submitted in Panorama will be linked to your student regardless of school. Please complete the survey for your child anyway and MNPS will ensure that this decision moves with the student to the correct school.

Q: How can I confirm that my decision was received?

A: When filling out the survey, please provide your email address to request an email confirmation of your decision. If you do not receive email confirmation within 3 business days, please contact the Family Information Center at 615-259-INFO (4636) or [email protected].

Q: When will MNPS make decisions about whether to open or close schools for in-person learning

A: Metro Schools has created a COVID-19 risk score tracker to help determine when it is safe to re-open school buildings for in-person learning, as well as tracking case counts in school on a weekly basis.

Q: What are the differences in expectations between in-person and virtual learning?

A: Teaching and learning look a bit different in this COVID-19 environment, whether a student is learning in person or virtually. To show this difference, we created learning path comparisons for students in grades K-8 and grades 9-12 that show what a typical 30-hour school week will look like for either option.


Q: What will in-person learning look like when students return?

A: Here is what you can expect at all MNPS schools:

  • Masks and/or face shields over mouth and nose will be required for all students and staff, unless the student has a documented and approved medical accommodation.

  • Any student who exhibits symptoms of COVID-19 such as a temperature of 100.4 or above, a cough, shortness of breath, or sudden loss of taste or smell will not be able to attend.

  • Classroom sizes will be limited by the maximum requirements set forth by the Tennessee law:

    • K to 3: Maximum of 25 students, average of 20

    • 4 to 6: Maximum of 30 students, average of 25

    • 7 to 12: Maximum of 35 students, average of 30

  • Classrooms will be configured to maximize social distancing and prevent the spread of COVID-19, but most will not be able to create 6 feet of distance between students in normal settings.

  • If a student or staff member tests positive for COVID-19, they will be required to self-isolate for 10 days.

  • If a student or staff member is determined to be a close contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case, that person will be required to quarantine for 14 days.

  • In-person and virtual learning will be based on the Florida Virtual School curriculum to allow uninterrupted learning if classes or schools must be closed for quarantine.

  • As schools become aware of positive cases or the need to quarantine, families will be informed. However, we will not be able to share the name(s) of the individual(s) who are positive due to student and health privacy laws.

  • Some classes may be taught virtually while students are present in the school building due to personnel constraints.

Health officials and the public have learned a lot about COVID-19 since it first emerged late last year; however, they are still learning new information every day. As we learn more and get updated guidance, we will make adjustments accordingly.

Q: What do I need to know if my child is in Pre-K and hasn't even been to school in person yet?

A: For information about what both the in-person and virtual learning environments will look like after school buildings reopen, please see the MNPS Early Childhood Education/Pre-K page.

Q: Can my student still do extracurricular activities, regardless of the choice?

Students will be able to participate in extracurricular activities whether they choose in-person or virtual.


Q: If I choose virtual or in-person, will my student stay with their enrolled school?

A: Yes, students who remain in virtual learning or choose the in-person option will be taught by teachers at their school of enrollment and their scheduled classes will remain the same. Students may be assigned a different teacher to match the students with teachers who are either in-person or virtual.

Q: Will teachers simultaneously do virtual and in-person?

StudentIn Person MNPS

A: General Education teachers will be either in-person or virtual. Some teachers with specialized certifications may teach both in-person and virtual. Classroom sizes (student-to-teacher ratios) will comply with state law.

Q: Do we have to return the computer if we go in person?

A: No, students will continue to have their device and will use it whether they're in the virtual or in-person environment, since we will be using the Florida Virtual School curriculum in both settings. Also, students will need to keep the device in case they have to isolate at home for any reason during in-person learning so they can continue to learn at home.

Q: Will students keep their district devices?

A: Students should keep their district issued devices, with the expectation that all students will be issued a district laptop by the end of the calendar year.

Q. Will Standard School Attire (SSA) requirements be relaxed?

A. SSA is a school-based decision. However, the Student Support Services Department will collaborate with schools to support families who are experiencing hardships during this time and are in need of assistance with SSA. Families can contact the Family Information Center directly with a request. Once a request is received, a team member will contact the family and provide needed supports.


Q: What safety supplies will be provided to teachers and to students?

A: Students will be provided with disposable masks. Teachers and classrooms will be provided with cloth masks, gloves, face shields for teachers who need/request them, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant supplies. Designated staff will be provided with gowns, gloves, and other PPE as needed.

Q: What will classrooms look like?

A: Desks will be spread out to the extent possible in traditional classrooms, but six feet of distance will not be feasible in most circumstances. Desks will face one direction to the greatest extent possible. Students will be required to wear masks to limit the potential spread of COVID-19.

Q: What will lunch and recess look like for students?

A: Meals will be provided in disposable containers for students. Schools may either provide meals in classrooms or in cafeterias at 50% capacity with social distancing and clustering to the extent possible and tables disinfected after each use. Students will be encouraged to social distance at recess and masks will not be required outdoors if students stay 6 feet apart. The number of students will be limited to the greatest extent possible. Masks are required for indoor recess and students must wash their hands before and after.

Q: How will parents be notified if their child is a close contact?

A: Parents will be notified by either a school nurse, school administrator, or Metro Public Health official if their child is determined to be a close contact in need of quarantine.

Pre-K Decision Survey

Q: How will face masks be enforced among students?

A: Mask enforcement will be considered as a dress code violation (code 107) in the Student-Parent Handbook.

Q: What are the cleaning protocols at schools?

A: Custodians and staff will be following daily and nightly cleaning routines and using standard, CDC-approved cleaning supplies and disinfectants to ensure that classrooms, common areas, and touch points such as door knobs and light switches are cleaned frequently.

Q: Is there a contingency plan in the event of an outbreak?

A: Determinations about when to shut down will be made on a case-by-case basis in consultation with the Metro Public Health Department. In the event a school closes, all students and staff will move to the virtual environment. Students will remain with their assigned teachers from in-person learning. Teachers will be using the same curriculum from the Florida Virtual School in both settings so that students and staff can easily shift from in-person to virtual if the situation calls for it.

Q: Will air purifiers or ozone machines be provided?

A: No, the HVAC systems that MNPS has in place meet air quality standards.

Q: Who is notifying us if our child is contact traced? And how are we being contacted?

A: The school nurse will conduct the initial investigation. Once information is gathered, it will be submitted to the Metro Public Health Department. MPHD will notify the student/family by phone and follow up with the contact tracing. Based on the initial investigation by the school nurse, the school will also contact individuals who meet the CDC's definition for close contacts and will be required to quarantine.

Q: Who do I tell if my child gets sick?

A: You will contact the school.

Q: Do we notify the school if they are sick, but it's not COVID19?

A: Yes, you should always notify the school if your child is ill. If symptoms are COVID-related, the school will contact the school nurse to investigate further.

Q. What will the discipline be for students who don't wear masks or facial coverings?

A. For any behavior that isn't in compliance with mask-wearing requirements, schools will use a restorative response grounded in the MNPS discipline policy. Read the discipline handbook.

Q. Are there any exceptions to the mask requirement for students?

A. All Metro Nashville Public Schools students will be required to wear masks and/or a face shield throughout the school day. Any student who requests a medical exemption will require a form to be filled out by a certified doctor. Families will work with school officials to develop a plan to honor an approved request while protecting other students and their health and safety through face shields, extra social distancing, and other measures.

Q. If my child is in quarantine, are they counted absent? Will the child be moved to virtual for the remainder of the semester or year?

A. Students who are unable to actively participate due to COVID-19 should be coded as an excused absence and provided the opportunity for makeup work upon their return after quarantining once they are clear of all symptoms. The Metro Public Health Department provides all guidance on quarantine requirements. A student may return from quarantine once their required time has been met. They must also be fever-free for 24 hours, be symptom-free, and submit a release-from-quarantine letter from MPHD. Students attending school in person who miss school due to illness or COVID-19-related circumstances may attend school virtually if able to actively participate in distance learning. Active participation is defined as students logging into the distance learning platform by 11:59 p.m. each instructional day and actively engaging in learning opportunities by, but not limited to, submitting assignments, completing assessments, participating in online classroom discussions, and/or interacting with teachers.


Q: Will virtual school stay the same? Will there be more assignments?

A: MNPS is committed to providing a high-quality education in both the in-person and virtual learning environments. Those who remain in the virtual setting can expect the same experience that is currently being offered, with teachers dedicated to the virtual learning environment.

Q: Will the virtual school schedule be the same as it is now?

A: There will likely be some adjustments to accommodate both teachers and students as we transition some students back to in-person learning and others remain virtual, but generally student schedule structures will remain consistent.

Q: Will my elementary children be sitting at a desk in the classroom on computers listening to Florida Virtual School? Will there be FVS expectations?

A: Teachers in the classroom will teach face to face, but students can expect a blended approach to learning that will rely on the use of technology. Teachers will continue to follow the Florida Virtual School curriculum regardless of the setting so that it will be easy to move back and forth between in-person and virtual learning if the public health situation changes again.

Q: Does MNPS's five-year contract with Florida Virtual School mean that will be the curriculum in 2021-22 and beyond? What about Schoology?

Online Learning Decision Survey

A: While the five-year contract with Florida Virtual School gives us some flexibility for future years, we hope we'll be in a better place with the pandemic in 2021-22 and will be able to return to our regular curricular materials. This is actually our third year using Schoology, which is the district's learning management system. Obviously, it didn't play such a prominent role in previous years, but we believe it works well and will continue to play a part in teaching and learning.

For more information on what to expect from virtual or in-person learning, visit the Back to School page.